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Float across the screen with a new Gboard update

Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, has added a few new features recently, the most useful of which, is the Floating Keyboard mode, that should make more than a few phablet-users happy. The changes aren’t massive, but should bring users on big phones at least some joy. Using a handle located at the bottom of the independent keyboard, it can be positioned anywhere your heart desires. On the phone screen...[Read More]

Don’t try this at home: Here’s a Tesla Model S swimming through a tunnel

We put disclaimers on everything these days. But that’s because we’re aware of the existence of American reality TV and that same country’s legal system. It’s… not worth the hassle. So when we tell you not to try to make your Tesla Model S float, we don’t think you’d actually try to do it. We’re just covering bases. As it happens, a floating Model S ...[Read More]

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