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The LAST won’t be the last camera you’ll ever own but it may be the first you assemble

Some of our readers will have assembled model airplanes or cars in their time, piecing together components after removing them from their plastic frames. It’d be a slightly more novel experience doing the same with the LAST camera, an assemble-it-yourself affair from Japan that turns into a film-using SLR with a pair of lenses. The LAST Camera, which is available from a company called SuperH...[Read More]

Technology Eagle is watching you videotape

First off, you might want to turn the sound down on the video above. Footage of a bird of prey stealing a (working) video camera from a crocodile nest isn’t something that you’re going to see every day but this Friday you’re in luck. A sea eagle in the Kimberley’s Margaret River area of Australia stole a camera that was set up to record saltwater crocodiles in that location...[Read More]

Android looks to be getting a new camera API with RAW support

Google has been working on RAW support for cameras that utilise the Android operating system and it was very nearly a feature of Android 4.4 KitKat, if a report from Ars Technica is accurate. The reports states that app developer Josh Brown happened on some notations in the source code which removed the new API, which has been in development since December 2012, from the final release of the new A...[Read More]

Kickstarter will either burst or float this Bubl

As Stuff has noted before, Kickstarter is the home of some weird and wonderful stuff. Some of it will never reach fruition (like the ill-fated Death Star), other items have a decent shot at attaining corporeal form following crowdfunding. One of these is the Bubl, a camera that looks for all the world like a Bluetooth speaker from Sony. The Bubl, like the name suggests, is a rounded camera. What i...[Read More]

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