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Samsung’s Galaxy A7 has three rear cameras and a sub-R10k price tag

Earlier this week we brought you rumours doing the rounds that Samsung would bring two new mid-range smartphones to market, one with three rear cameras, another with four. We were only expecting the devices to drop in October… but the first of them, the Galaxy A7, has been announced today, along with pricing and availability. It’ll arrive in November, with a recommended retail price of...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Mostly new dog, mostly old tricks

Back in 2011 the first Galaxy Note with its 5.3in display and S Pen stylus seemed ridiculous. Now it’s one of Samsung’s poster children, and its fans are deeply loyal. So, is the Note 9 worth the R19,000 asking price (add another R5,000 if you want the 512GB version)? That depends if you already own a Note 8, and how you feel about the S Pen. Design of the times The Note 9 looks undeni...[Read More]

Getting face to face with Samsung’s AR Emojis

Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ include a range of biometric security features including a fingerprint sensor, an iris scanner and a face scanner. The last of these isn’t just for unlocking your phone, though. In conjunction with the front-facing camera it can be used to create AR Emoji (augmented-reality emoji). AR what now? Think of it as an animated avatar modell...[Read More]

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