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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Mostly new dog, mostly old tricks

Back in 2011 the first Galaxy Note with its 5.3in display and S Pen stylus seemed ridiculous. Now it’s one of Samsung’s poster children, and its fans are deeply loyal. So, is the Note 9 worth the R19,000 asking price (add another R5,000 if you want the 512GB version)? That depends if you already own a Note 8, and how you feel about the S Pen. Design of the times The Note 9 looks undeni...[Read More]

The Samsung Galaxy S9: It’s all about the camera

Keeping secrets in the mobile industry is pretty much impossible these days, even if you’re a juggernaut like Samsung. So it’s no surprise the multitude of rumours and leaks about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were right on the nose. But they’re rumours no more. Samsung’s unveiled its pair of new handsets in Barcelona this evening, a day ahead of the mobile industry’s annual ...[Read More]

AKG N60NC – Headphones of the Year 2016

A few years ago, AKG was a mere blip on our headphone radar. Today, it’s one of the first brands we point people at when they want a combination of quality and affordability. The N60NC cans are a perfect example. How so? Active noise-cancelling, understated design, incredible comfort, brilliant battery life, and a carry pouch complete with an airline-friendly adaptor, all for half the price ...[Read More]

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