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Samsung’s curved UHD TVs now available in SA

Samsung’s curved UHD TVs now available in SA

Samsung has confirmed the availability of their newest curved UHD at retail outlets in South Africa. We’ve known since February this year that Samsung’s newest panels were on the way for this country but it’s now official, with the TVs launching in SA at an event in Johannesburg.

Getting your hands on one of these 4K screens isn’t going to be cheap though. The 65-inch model will set prospective buyers back some R70,000 while the 78-inch curved UHD TV will more than double that, costing R150,000.

Samsung Electronics South Africa’s Ansgar Pabst said in a statement concerning the launch, “Following last year’s introduction of the Samsung UHD TV, Samsung is continuing to drive industry growth through tremendous innovation in UHD picture quality, breakthrough design and consumer choice. The combination of our curved design and UHD picture quality creates the ultimate immersive experience for people who are passionate about entertainment.

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