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Own a 4K TV? Netflix launches Breaking Bad in 4K

Own a 4K TV? Netflix launches Breaking Bad in 4K

4K TVs are something that we’ve been unable to really get behind so far. Sure the images are brilliant but the content… that just wasn’t there. For South Africa, for the most part, it still isn’t. But some studios are getting the idea and Netflix is helping it along. Not content with just showing House of Cards in 4K, Netflix has fulfilled their stated goal of getting hit series Breaking Bad onto the streaming service in ultra high-definition.

It hasn’t been easy for AMC to do however. Breaking Bad was not shot in 4K, unlike the second season of House of Cards, so there was a considerable remastering process required to get it looking all impressive. As a result, HoC looks noticeably better onscreen.

But don’t let that deter you. We should start seeing a trend of shows and/or movies being shot in 4K natively, with downscaling happening to bring it to standard HD resolutions until the world at large has caught up to the 4K format.

Netflix hasn’t stopped at Breaking Bad though. The two Ghostbusters films and The Smurfs 2 are also set to be available in UHD. Now we just need the sort of internet connection that will allows us to stream it. And a shiny new TV.

So watch Breaking Bad in 4K, if you have the tools. It’s what Walter White would do. So would Peter Venkman.

Source: Digital Trends

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