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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet – Won’t shrink in (or from) the wash

What’s thinner than an iPad Air, weighs less than the same, is able to withstand the elements and has a glossy, stylish finish? Many things, act...[Read More]

Trials Fusion – Getting up in the air

A ‘trial’ is usually defined as something that tests the qualities of something else, usually with the aim of finding out just what it (wh...[Read More]

Huawei Ascend P7

Huawei isn’t a company that you would immediately think of when someone jumps out of a bush with a clipboard and grills you on your knowledge of...[Read More]


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Tritton Pro+ Multi 5.1 Headphones

Here at the Stuff technology storage and assessment facility, we all firmly believe that headphones need to suited for a purpose. Some are designed fo...[Read More]

Child of Light – Yes, this is a fairy tale

Child of Light is a turn-based role-playing game from the same minds that bought the world Far Cry 3 and they couldn’t have gone in a more diffe...[Read More]


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Acer Iconia W5 (W511) – Doubling up on battery power

Great,another one of those products that attempts to weasel out of our classification system for technological device. Meet Acer’s Iconia W5, al...[Read More]


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LG G Flex – A real bananaphone

What is this I see before me? It’s not pointy enough to be a dagger and it’s only covered in blood if something has gone horribly wrong wh...[Read More]


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Huawei E5730 MiFi – Our internet in a box

Is this thing even on? It can be a little hard to tell whether Huawei’s newest MiFi (Mobile WiFi) box is functioning unless you’re peering...[Read More]


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InFAMOUS: Second Son – The next generation rises

InFamous: Second Son is the third outing for the InFamous series that initially introduced players to Cole McGrath, the karmic chameleon that was the ...[Read More]


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Dell Latitude E7240 – Get on your workhorse

This was a pleasant surprise for Stuff, since we don’t get nearly enough Dell products into HQ to satisfy our lets-poke-it-and-see-how-it-does c...[Read More]


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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2014) – The eyes have it

We’ve always been quite fond of Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Carbon ultrabook but the last release has been getting a bit long in the tooth. The u...[Read More]


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SteelSeries 9H – It’s all in the ear-cups

We do love our gaming here at Stuff HQ and headphones are a close second, mostly because it can get really noisy when everyone is talking at cross-pur...[Read More]

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