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Stuffed Ep 19 – Microsoft’s Mike Fortin on helping nurture Africa’s next tech stars

Toby Shapshak sits down with the Microsoft VP to talk about the tech giant's plans to help train Africa's next generation of software engineers.

Canon Zoemini S unboxing: A camera and printer in one

There's a new instant-printer-with-a-built-in-camera in town, and this time it's from the giant of consumer imagery, Canon.

Stuffed Ep 18 – Samsung’s Folding fiasco and vertical TVs, Spotify hits 100m paying users, and Acast acquires Pippa

It's not a good time to be a folding phone maker if your name is Samsung, but it's a good time to be a podcaster, whatever your name is.

Stuffed Ep 17 – Canon’s Roger Machin on the mirrorless revolution and the future of photography

We chatted to Canon SA's head of professional product about mirrorless cameras and what the future of photography looks like.

Stuffed Ep 16 – Apple’s new services, the cost of Oprah, and Huawei’s pocket periscope

Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson settle down to talk about Apple's shift to services and Huawei's ongoing mission to rule the smartphone roost.

Stuffed Ep 15 – Samsung’s Cambridge Mokanyane on teaching Bixby isiXhosa, folding phones and Samsung Pay

Stuff spoke to Samsung Electronics SA's CMO about folding phones, mobile payments and teaching Bixby local languages.

Stuffed Ep 14 – Spotify’s Claudius Boller reflects on the service’s first year in South Africa

Stuff's Toby Shapshak talks to Spotify's MD for Middle East and Africa about the service's first year in South Africa and what's coming next.

Stuffed Ep 13 – Samsung’s Justin Hume discusses the new Galaxy S10 range

Stuff editor-in-chief Toby Shapshak sits down with Justin Hume, director of product and marketing for Samsung Mobile South Africa, to talk about the n...[Read More]

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S10+

What's in the box? What's. In. The. Box!? No, it's not a Se7en quote, it's a look at the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 & S10+

We got a little hands-on time with the new S10 range of smartphones at Samsung's #Unpacked2019 event in Johannesburg.

Stuffed Ep 12 – Facebook’s proposed unholy trinity, Samsung S10 leaks and ‘portless’ phones

Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson discuss rumours Facebook is looking to integrate Messenger with WhatsApp and Instagram messages, the latest leaks conce...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 11 – 2018 in review: Facebook’s annus horribilis, Musk, Huawei, Fortnite and more

Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson consider the biggest technology stories of 2018, including Facebook’s multitude of massive missteps, Elon Musk...[Read More]

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