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Stuffed Ep 06 – Data leaks, kracked Wi-Fi and robotic buttocks

Stuff magazine’s Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson discuss the largest data breach to hit South Africa, the vulnerabilities discovered in the WPA2 ...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 05 – Baby talk, Facebook’s billions and difficult surnames

Stuff magazine’s Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson sit down to talk about the confusing array of tech available for babies (and their sleep-deprive...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 04 – Samsung’s hope, Texan brainfood and Switching it up

The next Samsung flagship handsets are going to have be exceptional if they’re going to get those customers who’ve been, um, burnt by the ...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 03 – MWC 2017: Watches, phones and comebacks

In the third episode of Stuffed, Toby Shapshak and Craig Wilson get comfy on the couch and discuss Mobile World Congress 2017 that went down in Barcel...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 02 – Lego, Ninebot and weighing gadgets

In case you missed it, we’ve decided to get chatty with a new tech podcast we’ve called Stuffed. It’s a 20-minute round up of recent...[Read More]

Stuffed Ep 01 – CES, Mario and Ts&Cs

“Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?” Not only is it the title of Irish band The Cranberries’ debut album, but itR...[Read More]

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