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Three alternative messaging apps to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the go-to messaging app for most South Africans. The Facebook-owned service is undoubtedly the most popular messaging platform on the plan...[Read More]

Here’s how to get involved in the macOS Mojave public beta

It’s almost that time again, when Apple’s shiny new OS update drops and clogs up office bandwidth for days — not that we’ll co...[Read More]

How to: Edit vertical video for IGTV (or Snapchat, or Instagram Stories)

Instagram is famous for adding new features every few months, but this time around its gone really big… and upright. The world’s favourite...[Read More]

Protect your privacy during turbulent times: A hacker’s guide to being cyber-safe

Protecting individual privacy from government intrusion is older than American democracy. In 1604, the attorney general of England, Sir Edward Coke, r...[Read More]

How to: Block unwanted phone calls (without using Truecaller)

Spam calls are a running joke at the Stuff offices. Do you just stare at an unusual phone number on your smartphone screen with dread, wondering wheth...[Read More]

Facebook tweaks 2-factor authentication so you don’t have to give up your phone number

If, like some Facebook users, you’ve opted not to turn on two-factor authentication for your Facebook account because you’re concerned abo...[Read More]

10 tips to get the most out of Spotify

Apple Music and Deezer might have bigger catalogues, but by and large Swedish music streaming service Spotify is still considered the best in the game...[Read More]

Fit parade: the 11 best tips and tricks for your new Fitbit

We’ve been using Fitbits since 2009 – amazingly, they’ve been around almost as long as iPhones. Their world has changed a lot since those days. ...[Read More]

The 16 best new iOS 11 features – and how to use them

When iOS 11 was announced, we suggested it would make iPad awesome all over again. But the truth is it’s a slice of awesome whatever iOS device you’re...[Read More]

Bye-bye Bixby – How to disable the one Galaxy S8 button that you never push intentionally

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is perhaps the best phone we’ve ever used but it does have at least two issues that get under our skins. The first is ...[Read More]

14 tips and tricks to level up your Snapchat game

Snapchat is one of the most popular photo sharing apps around, but with frequent updates and hidden features, being a Snapchat pro is a skill that req...[Read More]

How to expand your PS4 storage space with an external hard drive

PlayStation 4 software update 4.5 is here and – rejoice! – it’s delivered external hard drive support. You’re now able to conn...[Read More]

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