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Monster Adidas Originals: Cans for fans

Once upon a time Monster was known only for its over-priced audio cables, backed by questionable claims about them offering better audio than cheaper ...[Read More]


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Houdt Tsunami – Great sound, strange design

Here at Stuff Towers we’ve long been fans of Houdt’s wooden smartphone cases and wireless keyboards, so we were pretty excited when the company’s new ...[Read More]


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Sades SA-902 Snuk Gaming Headphones – Someone snuck a Snuk on our desk

Gaming is designed to be an immersive experience. If you’re not gasping in fear or ducking digital bullets the you’re doing it wrong. Of c...[Read More]


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Sades A-60 Spellond Gaming Headphones – Some like it loud

Stuff goes through more than their fair share of gaming headphones during the course of an average year. We’re not clumsy and don’t need t...[Read More]


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Samsung Level Over – A matching set

Everywhere we look of late, Samsung is standing there staring back at us. Smartphones? There’s Samsung. Cameras? There’s Samsung. Virtual ...[Read More]


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Jabra Sport Wireless+ – The odd one out

It has gotten to the point where the Stuff team is completely unable to exercise unless there is some sort of musical backing, though song choice has ...[Read More]


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Yamaha Pro 500 – Start your engines

Finally, something to go with that Yamaha R1 we’ve always been so scared will catapult us into the nearest wall. Visually, at least. There’...[Read More]


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Monster DNA – Some kind of monster

We love headphones. Headphones are more than just friends around the Stuff offices, they’re lifelong companions and once we’ve got a good ...[Read More]


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Parrot Zik – We’re probably saying it wrong

What a funny-looking set of headphones. And made by Parrot no less, the company that gave the world the AR.drone. This is the Parrot Zik, a name that ...[Read More]


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Tritton Pro+ Multi 5.1 Headphones

Here at the Stuff technology storage and assessment facility, we all firmly believe that headphones need to suited for a purpose. Some are designed fo...[Read More]


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SteelSeries 9H – It’s all in the ear-cups

We do love our gaming here at Stuff HQ and headphones are a close second, mostly because it can get really noisy when everyone is talking at cross-pur...[Read More]

SteelSeries Siberia Elite – A very loud head-squeezer

Head-squeezer. Sounds like something from a Ridley Scott move, doesn’t it? Luckily the SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset isn’t anywhere ne...[Read More]

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