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M.I.T.’s Smart Sand project looks to create object-replicating robots

An M.I.T. team led by Professor Daniela Rus have created a project called Smart Sand. While still in its infancy, the project aims to create little robots that could be placed into a container with an object where they would detect the shape of that object and then replicate it. At the moment the Smart Sand is closer to being smart cubes, which measure 12mm on a side. It is only capable of replica...[Read More]

Australia, South Africa to share Square Kilometre Array location

The Square Kilometre Array‘s board chairman announced at a press conference in Amsterdam today that South Africa and Australia would be sharing the location of the SKA radio telescope. A dual site setup will be implemented for the world’s most powerful radio telescope, with the majority of new dishes being added to the existing MeerKAT facility in the Karoo as part of Phase One of the ...[Read More]

Africa getting first non-South African supercomputer

Africa will soon be home to another supercomputer and, strangely, this one won’t be based in South Africa. Kenya’s iHub (Innovation Hub), which is described as “…an open space for the technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in the area”, is getting support and funding from corporate partners – including Google – to get two initiatives off the ...[Read More]

The Leap poised to outdo Microsoft’s Kinect

A new gadget, called the Leap, has got a good shot at revolutionising gesture-based controls on computer systems. The device is capable of recognising hands, fingers and other objects within its range with an apparently high degree of accuracy, allowing for some stunning gesture-control applications. The brainchild of Leap Motion‘s Michael Buckwald and David Holz, the Leap is a candy-bar sha...[Read More]

US Army’s 300 foot surveillance blimp almost ready for flight

The US Army is preparing a Northrop Grumman-built surveillance airship for its inaugural flight. Called the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, the helium-filled blimp is intended primarily for reconnaissance and will apparently “redefine persistent surveillance”. The airship is 300 feet long and will eventually be equipped with an array of sensors following a test flight. The d...[Read More]

New York airports the first to play host to the Airport Virtual Assistant

Several New York airports will be the first to offer travelers access to the Airport Virtual Assistant, or AVA, who looks like something out of EA’s Mass Effect series of games. The JFK, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports will be playing host to AVA, who is designed to provide airport information. The virtual assistants will be programmed to provide directions and notify travelers about u...[Read More]

Scientists write digital data into DNA

Researchers at Standford University have managed to insert rewritable digital data into the DNA of living cells. The team of three bioengineers have come up with a way to to flip specific DNA sequences back and forth, producing a binary system that can be coded into cells. The “…method for repeatedly encoding, storing, and erasing digital data within the DNA of living cells” took...[Read More]

Microsoft Research team breaks ‘sorting’ record

A team over at Microsoft Research have broken a record for data sorting, which uses the MinuteSort benchmark, shattering the previous record set by Yahoo in 2009. The MinuteSort benchmark was devised by the late Jim Grey and “…measures how quickly data can be sorted starting and ending on disks” in 60 seconds. The Microsoft Research team topped Yahoo’s record using a new so...[Read More]

The Electric Imp wants to climb inside your appliances

A new startup, called Electric Imp, comprising an iPhone engineer, a Gmail designer and a firmware engineer is hoping to turn almost any device into a connected device using a slot-in card. The Imp card is the size and shape of a conventional SD card but contains an ARM Cortex M3 SoC (system on chip) CPU with WiFi connectivity. While it may look like an SD card it only makes use of the connector a...[Read More]

Microsoft could introduce adverts that watch you

Microsoft may be launching adverts soon that watch you as you watch television. It may be that in Soviet Russia TV watches you but most of the world (including Russia) hasn’t really seen this before. With their new initiative, called NUads (natural user-interface ads), Microsoft hopes to stop people from using a DVR or similar technology to skip adverts by using the Xbox 360’s Kinect s...[Read More]

It was bound to happen: Japanese group building 12 foot mech for sale

A Japanese group called Suidobashi Heavy Industry is building a 12-foot tall mech that it intends to offer for sale to the general public, according to the official website for the contraption. The robotic exoskeleton, Vaudeville (also known as Kuratasu), looks like almost every mech ever inked into manga or anime, with a cockpit that seats a human pilot. Rather than using bipedal locomotion the d...[Read More]

Kodak used to have its own nuclear reactor

Kodak is perhaps the only camera company that has had a fully-functional nuclear reactor on their premises, a fact that was recently uncovered. The situation may not be unique but if any other company has access to one they’re not telling anyone about it. The nuclear reactor which was until 2006 concealed in a basement at Kodak’s Rochester, New York facility was revealed by the Democra...[Read More]

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