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Kodak used to have its own nuclear reactor

Kodak is perhaps the only camera company that has had a fully-functional nuclear reactor on their premises, a fact that was recently uncovered. The situation may not be unique but if any other company has access to one they’re not telling anyone about it. The nuclear reactor which was until 2006 concealed in a basement at Kodak’s Rochester, New York facility was revealed by the Democra...[Read More]

Mirrors – now powered by Android

Android has spread its tendrils cover much of the connected world but this is probably the first time that bathroom accessories have been touched by Google’s OS. Japanese company Seraku has demonstrated an Android-powered mirror at Smartphone and Mobile Expo, seen by The Verge, that the company apparently hopes will be utilised at hairdressing salons and pubs. It uses a concealed Android tab...[Read More]

Motorola patenting anti-smudge display

Motorola Mobility has been hold out on us. The company quietly filed a new patent application in January this year concerning a smudge-free display for mobile devices. The patent covers: “A device comprising: a display comprising a transparent layer having a viewable surface; electronic circuitry to present information to the display; and a plurality of pedestals formed on the viewable surfa...[Read More]

Telepod provides 3D teleconferencing, medical applications

Researchers at Canada’s Queens University Human Media Lab have created a device called the Telepod, a 3D cylindrical display that is capable of a very different sort of teleconferencing. The display is constructed from 6 Kinect sensors, a convex mirror, an acrylic cylinder and a 3D projector stashed in the base of the Telepod and enables a three-dimensional view of someone in a remote locati...[Read More]

The Transformers are coming, starting with the little ones

The Transformers may be a Hasbro intellectual property but that doesn’t mean that they will remain in the realm of fiction forever if the work of Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics is any indication. The video below shows the eighth version of a transforming robot that is able to transition from being a car to a humanoid and back again. The robotic miniature is capable of motion in either form usi...[Read More]

Microsoft SoundWave – like Kinect without a camera

Microsoft’s Kinect has been used for multiple applications outside of the gaming arena but now Microsoft researchers have come up with a very similar concept motion-sensing concept that discards the whole camera detection thing in the process. Microsoft Research recently unveiled SoundWave, a system that has some of the functionality of Kinect but with none of the additional hardware. It wor...[Read More]

Disney researchers putting gesture recognition on everyday objects

The Disney Research Hub, along with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, are working on adding touch sensitivity to objects that are interacted with on a daily basis including doorknobs, tables, the human body and even liquids. The system, which they call Touché, makes use of a Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that recognises multiple touch configurations by measuring across se...[Read More]

‘Bionic eye’ microchip restoring sight to the blind

Two men have had their eyesight partially restored following the implanting of a 3mm microchip behind their retina. The operations took place at London’s Oxford Eye Hospital and King’s College Hospital and the two men, Chris James and Robin Millar, regained the ability to see light and some shapes once the chips were activated following the procedure. The chip used in the trial operati...[Read More]

TSMC pushes ARM mobile chip to 3.1GHz

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) announced yesterday that they have managed to take a 28nm ARM Cortex-9 dual-core test chip to 3.1GHz under what they have called “typical conditions.” This is almost unheard-of territory for an ARM processor and could see ARM shifting into more high-performance spheres.The TSMC 28nm HPM (high performance for mobile applications) pro...[Read More]

Turning an iPhone into a pico projector

The concept may not be new but in this case the execution is certainly cheap and compact. Micron Technology’s PoP Video gadget is available for pre-order in the States at the moment and this little device turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a pico projector. For $99 (R770). According to the company’s website, the PoP Video is capable of 960 x 540 pixel output from one of the supported A...[Read More]

Fancy a trip to space? Virgin Galactic launches today

More than 500 people have a crack at a trip to space thanks to Virgin Galactic, which has officially launched today. The cost of a trip to space is a mere $200,000, with deposits starting at $20,000. The trip on Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo will take two and a half hours from liftoff to touchdown, with seven minutes of weightlessness thrown in. Prospective astronauts will also have two large window...[Read More]

MIT develops new “multifunctional” glass

Researchers at MIT have developed a new type of glass. More accurately, the researchers have developed a new method  of creating surface textures on glass which “virtually eliminates” reflections. The new glass, as a result, has almost no glare and also causes water droplets to bounce off its surface, making it fog-resistant as well. The only way that this breakthrough could get any be...[Read More]

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