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Which iPad should you buy? There’s an iPad to suit your needs

Once upon a time, buying an iPad just meant buying the iPad. There was one model, and nothing else on the market came close to it. But these days, Apple has four different iPads in four different sizes, each with its own components and perks, not to mention a distinct price point. Hey, at least it’s better than Apple’s iPhone situation right now, since there are eight different handset...[Read More]

Second-generation entrepreneur Vanu Bose made his first name as famous as his surname

The problem with providing rural cellular and internet access is not the cost of building the network, but the cost of running it, Vanu Bose realised when he set out to solve his own lack of broadband in Vermont. The brilliant MIT-trained engineer had worked out how to make a rural cellular network profitable when its customers spent only $1 a month but first he had to reengineer the telecoms equi...[Read More]

Explainer: how the latest earphones translate languages

In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, Douglas Adams’s seminal 1978 BBC broadcast (then book, feature film and now cultural icon), one of the many technology predictions was the Babel Fish. This tiny yellow life-form, inserted into the human ear and fed by brain energy, was able to translate to and from any language. Web giant Google have now seemingly developed their own version of the Babel Fi...[Read More]

Oculus and our troubles with (virtual) reality

Last month, Facebook-owned virtual reality company, Oculus, announced its new device, Oculus Go. Go, the successor to Oculus Rift, is a cheaper standalone virtual reality (VR) headset and controller system set for release in 2018. The company boasts that the new system allows users to immerse themselves in over 1,000 games, social apps and 360˚ experiences, and step inside a personal portable thea...[Read More]

Somaliland’s voting technology shows how Africa can lead the world

Africa has become a testing ground for technological leapfrogging. This is a process that involves skipping stages and moving rapidly to the frontiers of innovation. Technological leapfrogging in Africa has, so far, focused on economic transformation and the improvement of basic services. Drones are a good example: they’re used in the continent’s health services and in agriculture. In South Africa...[Read More]

Microsoft Xbox One X vs Sony PlayStation 4 Pro: Which is best?

No, it’s not yet time for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox… Two? However, Sony and Microsoft aren’t content to let their four-year-old consoles linger as gaming PCs get cheaper and more powerful. Last year’s Xbox One S added 4K media support and upscaling for games, but it’s the brand new Xbox One X that truly elevates the gaming experience. With a huge processing boost within...[Read More]

Jobs and robots: bracing for technological disruptions to come

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid adoption of robots across diverse industries are stalking the fear of jobless growth. Responses to these developments have focused on what to do to ensure that robots don’t steal jobs. Bill Gates, for example, has called for the taxing of robots that take away jobs. This has elicited responses from leading economists, such as Larry Summers (f...[Read More]

Light Start – More Star Wars coming, Switch production, Apple’s AR, and Injustice 2 Turtles

You had to know this was coming: Another trilogy of Star Wars films announced What, you thought it was over? Star Wars films are never going to be going away, as evidenced by a new announcement in a Disney earnings call last week. Long story short, there’s a new trilogy of Star Wars films in the works. Details are thin but it all apparently involve “new characters from a corner of the ...[Read More]

Five myths about email at work and how to cope with communications overload

Email is integral to the way that many of us work. Yet there is no universally accepted standard for its use, which leaves many of us struggling to find strategies that will help us work effectively without also overstressing or causing email fatigue. There is no shortage of self-help books and time management gurus who argue that email zen is possible. But with so much research being conducted in...[Read More]

The challenge of authenticating real humans in a digital world

Proving identity is a routine part of modern daily life. Many people must show a driver’s license to buy alcohol at a store, flash an ID card to security guards at work, enter passwords and passcodes to retrieve email and other private information, and answer security validation questions when calling banks or credit card companies for customer service. Authentication is also getting easier for pe...[Read More]

The eVscope wants to give you your best (live) look at the stars yet

What if you could look into space and see an awful lot more than you’re used to? What if you could do large amounts of science at the same time? The eVscope, a telescope being funded on Kickstarter, aims to do that without you needing to build an observatory in your back yard. If you’ve ever used a telescope you probably know that what you can see through a tube and some ground glass (...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone X dated for South Africa

We’ve been waiting for this one: Apple’s iPhone X will be launching in South Africa on 24 November, according to an official announcement from the company. But don’t feel too special, there are several other countries involved too. And those countries are Albania, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosovo, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey, who are j...[Read More]

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