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In the future we’ll all be better runners, thanks to wearable exoskeletons like these exo-pants

Running, though, could get a boost in future thanks to wearable tech like these exo-pants. The wearable exoskeleton, the creation of Harvard University and University of Nebraska researchers, aims to assist folks looking to get their movement on. 

Don’t all crowd in at once: Win one of five sets of double tickets to Comic Con Africa 2019

What, you might ask, would compel us to want to work on a long weekend? A little something known as Comic Con Africa 2019, which will be taking place from 21 September all the way through to 24 September. That's four whole days of the biggest, nerdiest convention-type stuff we've had the pleasure to immerse ourselves in. And, now, five sets of two people can come along

Silicon Valley wants to read your mind – here’s why you should be worried

Silicon Valley companies (and governments) already surreptitiously gather as much data on us as they can and use it in ways we’d rather they didn’t. How sure can we be that our random and personal thoughts won’t be captured and studied alongside the instructions we want to give the technology?

Drone Racing League is offering a street-legal version of its DRL Racer4 drone to the world

if you've ever wanted to try your hand at flying a race-spec drone, now's your chance. The Drone Racing League is offering an at-home version of its DRL Racer4 drone, the unit being raced in this season's fixtures. 

How Twitter is helping the Scots language thrive in the 21st century

Journalist Eve Livingston’s recent article for The Face examines the many social and cultural features of Scottish Twitter. But the fact it has provided a medium for written Scots language to evolve in a way that wasn’t possible before the advent of social media is equally fascinating.

Keeping your home safe with smart technology and MyPlace Africa’s MyLights

MyPlace Africa’s MyLights smart lighting system provides you total control over your lights so you can always arrive home safely according to your programmed preferences. With the MyPlace smartphone app, you can instantly turn on all your indoor and outdoor smart lights from the security of your bed. So if something goes bump in the middle of the night and you need to investigate, you’ll feel safe...[Read More]

Apple could release a folding iPad by 2021 – report

If it's not a tablet, computer, watch, or smartphone, we're not really sure what's happening there. So take this next bit with a fistful of salt: Apple's reportedly working on a folding iPad of its very own, according to a CNBC report. 

Are shared e-scooters good for the planet? Only if they replace car trips

Shared dockless electric scooters, or e-scooters, transport riders over short distances in cities. Ride share companies promote them as an environmentally friendly choice that reduces dependence on cars.

Sounds like Stuff and Ultimate Ears have two UE Boom 3 speakers to give away

We've got another couple of Bluetooth speakers up for grabs, this time a pair of UE Boom 3 speakers from Ultimate Ears. We like the sound of that. Except for the bit where we're not eligible to enter. But hey, that means better odds for all of you. 

NEC (very briefly) tests its passenger drone in Japan

Unless you do a fair bit of business in the sort of Information Technology that involves paying someone very expensive to keep it all going, that is. But you might hear more about the Japanese multinational, if the successful test of its new passenger drone is any indication. 

Return to the moon? 3D printing with moondust could be the key to future lunar living

The entire Apollo 11 mission to the moon took just eight days. If we ever want to build permanent bases on the moon, or perhaps even Mars or beyond, then future astronauts will have to spend many more days, months and maybe even years in space without a constant lifeline to Earth. The question is how would they get hold of everything they needed. Using rockets to send all the equipment and supplie...[Read More]

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