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What took you so long? Amazon debuts a Kindle Kid’s Edition e-reader

This comes up every time Amazon's Kindle turns up with anything new: Most of Stuff would get rid of... pretty much all the other tech before giving up our Kindles. And now there's something for the little ones to enjoy -- there's a new Kindle Kid's Edition on the way. 

Apple’s new iPad retires the 9.7in form factor for something a little… bigger

We haven’t gotten to the big news just yet but we’ve got one of the things we were expecting — a new iPad. The updated iPad will be replacing the company’s stalwart 9.7in models with a new 10.2 model featuring a Retina display. That, sadly, is about all the information we were given during the presentation. Welll… Okay, maybe that’s not all we’ve learned. ...[Read More]

Apple’s got new ‘Pro’ iPhones, updated iPads, and a larger MacBook Pro headed our way

Apple, if a recent report is to be believed, is readying up quite a roster of new devices for us this year. Bloomberg claims there are new camera-centric iPhones on the way, closely followed by updated iPads as well as a new, 16in MacBook Pro. 

Don’t expect to see Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone before November

It's not the first but hopefully it's the last. Huawei's Mate X folding smartphone has suffered yet another delay, according to a report from TechRadar. Though it was slated for a September release this year, the Mate X has been pushed back even further

Apple could release a folding iPad by 2021 – report

If it's not a tablet, computer, watch, or smartphone, we're not really sure what's happening there. So take this next bit with a fistful of salt: Apple's reportedly working on a folding iPad of its very own, according to a CNBC report. 

Time for an upgrade: iOS 13, iPadOS won’t support these older Apple devices

So you followed along on Twitter or on Apple's live-stream, or perhaps even here at Stuff. You know that there are upgrades coming to Apple's iDevices with the pending launch of iOS 13 and the tablet-specific iPadOS. But unless you've got the right devices, you might be in for a little heartache. 

Samsung putting the Galaxy Fold on hold is a good move, but it shouldn’t have needed to

In its race to be the first to market with a foldable smartphone Samsung forgot the far more attractive proposition of being the best. 

Samsung’s apparently figured out the issues surrounding the Galaxy Fold

Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding smartphone is supposed to be a revolutionary device, but problems with the early units sent for review led to the company shelving release while they figured out a solution. 

Which Apple iPad should you buy in 2019?

Once upon a time, buying an iPad just meant buying the iPad. There was one model, and nothing else on the market came close to it.

15 Apple products that changed the way we look at tech

What with Apple cancelling its failed AirPower mat, we’ve decided to look on the bright and shiny side, and find some of Apple’s best tech from a time when Steve Jobs steered the ship.

Here’s a super-quick look at Xiaomi’s folding smartphone

Blink and you'll miss it. We've got another look at Xiaomi's folding smartphone and it's very, very quick. Just ten seconds, in fact, but that's long enough for us to decide that we're very impressed with whatever the Chinese company is up to. 

Pricing for the new iPad mini and Air is out now, too

The iStore has announced pricing and pre-orders for the latest iPad Air and iPad mini tablets.

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