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Razer’s Project Linda debut at CES – just another phone/laptop combo?

Gaming hardware company Razer is known for going overboard with their CES prototypes, and none of them really make it to market, but maybe Project Linda will… What’s Linda, you ask? On the second day of CES 2018 Razer presented a new prototype called Project Linda, which is a laptop dock for the Razer smartphone released in November last year. Unlike previous phone-powered laptop concepts li...[Read More]

Which iPad should you buy? There’s an iPad to suit your needs

Once upon a time, buying an iPad just meant buying the iPad. There was one model, and nothing else on the market came close to it. But these days, Apple has four different iPads in four different sizes, each with its own components and perks, not to mention a distinct price point. Hey, at least it’s better than Apple’s iPhone situation right now, since there are eight different handset...[Read More]

Motorola is (for some strange reason) releasing a tablet called the Moto Tab

Fewer and fewer companies are releasing dedicated tablets, with the only major players coming to mind being Apple and Samsung (and Samsung only just makes the list). So it’s a little surprising to learn that there’s a new tablet coming from none other than… Motorola? Wait, really? Yup. It’s called the Moto Tab, because what else would they call it, and it’s set to be ...[Read More]

The 16 best new iOS 11 features – and how to use them

When iOS 11 was announced, we suggested it would make iPad awesome all over again. But the truth is it’s a slice of awesome whatever iOS device you’re rocking. On iPad, iOS 11 is Apple’s attempt to marry desktop power with iOS elegance – hence the Files app, drag and drop, and souped-up multitasking. But iPhone owners aren’t left in the lurch, because they get plenty of goodies, too. So delve into...[Read More]

Dell’s new Latitude 7212 tablet is the one that breaks stuff it’s dropped on

Dell has a new tablet on the horizon and it’s a tough one. And if you were not aware that Dell made tablets then you haven’t been paying attention. The Latitude 7212 is the successor to the company’s previous Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet, with this updated model carrying the same name. It’s only the model number, and the construction, and the specifications, which are differen...[Read More]

Here’s how to download the iOS 11 public beta

Just unveiled mere weeks ago at WWDC, Apple’s iOS 11 brings a load of fresh tweaks to the iPhone and iPad operating system, but we probably won’t see it release until September. Luckily, you can jump the queue right now if you’re a bit daring: Apple has just released the first public beta version of iOS 11, much as it did with iOS 10 last year. Now anyone with a compatible phone ...[Read More]

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 hands-on — Enough to make you leave your laptop behind?

Apple has been trying to convince people for years that you could swap your laptop for an iPad. In fact, it’s been trying to convince people since the first model launched in 2010. For most people (read: people who need actual keyboards), it’s so far proven a step too far. Many, many people use iPads, but most still want a laptop too. The latest iPads could perhaps change that. The new...[Read More]

Stung by criticism, Apple rejuvenated its computers while launching a home voice assistant

If you were expecting the traditional “and one more thing” from Apple’s big announcements this week, you would’ve been disappointed. Those days are long gone. Under the tyrannical rule of Steve Jobs, where suppliers and would-be leakers were terrified of the omerta imposed by the fanatical and secretive co-founder, such leaks would never be tolerated. This chokehold has slo...[Read More]

Why iOS 11 makes iPad awesome all over again

The iPad experience has always been mixed: mostly wonderment, but also a nagging feeling the device was being held back. On the positive side, iPad apps have been various degrees of revolutionary – within a few revisions, Apple’s tablet finds a lot of use in music-creation, reading, email, and games-playing around these parts. But we want more – for the iPad to replace the iMac for everythin...[Read More]

6 things you need to know about the new 10.5in iPad Pro

Rumours of a 10-inch iPad Pro have been swirling around for months now, and at WWDC 2017 they materialised in the form of the 10.5in iPad Pro. Yes, only just over a year after Apple launched the 9.7in iPad Pro, they’ve killed it off in favour of a slightly bigger 10.5in model. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s latest tablet. 1) IT’S A LEAN, MEAN SCREEN-Y MACHINE The new iPad P...[Read More]

The best bits (and bobs) of iOS 11

When updates to iPhones and iPads are big, you can see them immediately. A thinner bezel here, an extra camera there. But when iOS gets major improvements (and it doesn’t at every WWDC) they’re tougher to spot. With iOS 11 Apple’s basically given its mobile operating system the equivalent of an edge-to-edge display and impossibly thin chassis. All you really need to know is that,...[Read More]

Game of Thrones – TV Show of the Year 2016

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter may have made fantasy acceptable in the mainstream but it was Game of Thrones that made it cool. Six plot-dense seasons (with number seven on the way shortly) have so far charted the rise and fall of claimants to the Iron Throne, never tiring of gleefully flinging your way scenes packed full of blood, politics, swords, sex, and dragons — often at the same t...[Read More]

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