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Xiaomi’s planning a phone with a 108MP camera – yes, you read that correctly

At a briefing in China, Xiaomi said it will become the first manufacturer to use Samsung’s brand new 108MP ISOCELL sensor in a smartphone.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro preview: Should we be worried about Google support?

Huawei has produced some of our favourite flagship smartphones, which means we're hella excited to get our hands on the Mate 30 Pro - Android or not.

LG teases a triple-screen smartphone, to be revealed at IFA 2019

LG's teasing what appears to be a triple-screen smartphone, which will be unveiled at this year's IFA in Berlin. But, before you got all 'LG's got a folding phone' on us, it looks as though the additional displays will appear courtesy of a smartphone case. Or a design that makes the device look like it's got a smartphone case on. 

All the beans: Samsung’s marketing materials leak Galaxy Note 10 info all over the place

Tonight’s the night that Samsung unveils its all-new phablet-sized Galaxy Note 10. Which means that a large leak turning up right about now might spoil the party somewhere. Well, there’s a spoiler warning in effect, as Samsung’s own marketing materials have cropped up online. The short version? We’ve got two new Notes incoming — the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note ...[Read More]

What will Huawei’s HongMeng OS look like?

Even though Huawei has fought through a rough couple of months, the company is set on releasing its own (OS), codenamed HongMeng, into the world.

Youth have a love-hate relationship with tech in the digital age

Young people are now fully ensconced in the digital age as it whirls around and within them. This is the epoch of the Anthropocene — the age of humans, wherein a technological worldview and human tools hold the central place in re-shaping the earth and its people. It’s also a time when 1.8 billion youth make up the largest generation of 10 to 24 year olds in human history with 50 per cent of the w...[Read More]

Both LG and Sony are battling for smartphone sales

It’s not a good time to be either LG or Sony. Both companies have recently reported declines in smartphone sales. LG’s sales for the most recent quarter declined 21% compared to its performance this time last year, while Sony has an even worse time. Worse to the tune of 30% fewer smartphones sold for the quarter, year-on-year. According to LG, “slow sales of 4G premium models and...[Read More]

Ever wondered what happens if you bend a foldable phone the other way?

Our favourite phone destroyer, JerryRigEverything, got his hands on the first foldable phone you can actually buy -- the Royole Flexpie.

MediaTek launches its new gaming-focused Helio G90 series mobile processors

MediaTek, as a brand, feels a little like Huawei did a few years back. That is, somewhat unknown but mighty hungry to make an impression. And we all know how that worked out for Huawei. Right now, though, if it's not made by Apple, Qualcomm, or Samsung, most of us don't pay a whole lot of attention to mobile processors.

Unlimited power: Energizer mobile phones launch in South Africa

Energizer mobile phones have landed in South Africa. Which means that our smartphone (and feature phone) battery woes will be gone, kinda. 

We’ve got a date: The Samsung Galaxy Fold will debut in September, this time without issues (hopefully)

Samsung has revealed some specifics on how it plans to make sure the Galaxy Fold can survive long-term use, along with a new official release date. 

The mid-range Huawei Y9 Prime (2019) lands in SA from 1 August

Huawei may be in a spot of bother at the moment but that doesn't mean the company's just going to fold up shop and go home. The pending launch of a new mid-range smartphone, the Huawei Y9 Prime (2019), is a testament to that. Stuff was present at a media event where the Chinese company showed off its first pop-up selfie camera smartphone to land in SA and it sure looks like Huawei's here to stay.

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