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Coming soon: smartphones with terabyte storage, courtesy of Samsung

Smartphones are, when you actually think about it, just little pocket-sized computers. The fact that they can make phone calls is a holdover from the days when having a phone in your car made you super-cool (or a Wall Street broker with some unusual items in your gym locker). And, like computers, smartphones constantly upgrade to faster processors, more RAM and better storage. Samsung’s been...[Read More]

Apple looking at altering how iPhone prices are set internationally

Every year we get a new iPhone. Well, every year Apple releases a new iPhone. You can get it, if you want or if budget allows. But every year we also get a price increase for said iPhone, a phenomenon that prompted Apple to start releasing explicitly cheaper editions of their mobile phone. But, if Apple’s Tim Cook is to be believed, we could experience something strange soon. The price of an...[Read More]

Xiaomi announces its first Android Go handset, the super-budget Redmi Go

Once upon a time, a budget Android smartphone wasn’t a very nice thing to look at. Made to conform to a price point rather than to attract customers, cheaper Androids were typically poorly-designed, slow, and difficult to use. Once upon a time. Xiaomi’s newly-announced Redmi Go, the company’s first Android Go smartphone, is hoping to change your mind on that score. The Redmi Go u...[Read More]

Who really invented Please Call Me? The long-running saga is in the news again, but will the true story ever come out?

This column first appeared in Financial Mail in 2015.  It has all the makings of a grand story of a rags-to-riches story: a resourceful man who had a great idea that took off. It gets better, that inventor didn’t get a cent from his invention but now, in a David-vs-Goliath confrontation, he will wrest glory (and royalties) back through a lengthy and protracted court battle. But, is that inventor f...[Read More]

Apple disables group FaceTime (for now) over bug that lets callers eavesdrop – even if you don’t answer

A bug was discovered in Apple's FaceTime services yesterday evening and news of its existence has rocketed around the world. The bug allows members of a group FaceTime call to eavesdrop on what's happening with other users -- before those users have answered or even if they've declined the call. The bug is so easy to replicate for users of iOS 12.1 that Apple has taken group FaceTime offline for n...[Read More]

Is the future of mobile phones portless? Vivo and Meizu think so

We would be lying if we told you we weren’t expecting this… but not necessarily so soon. What with Apple ditching the headphone jack, and many phone designers opting for in-display fingerprint sensors — it’s obvious that phones will soon be all-screen, all-wireless and… all sci-fi. Two announcements in China this week produced devices that are, for lack of a better word, holeless. The Meizu ...[Read More]

Why smartphones are the customer service channel of choice

The influence of technology within the field of BPO, or business process outsourcing, is unquestionable. The nature of various BPO solutions has undergone significant change thanks to numerous advancements in technology. As Business World noted in late 2018, “according to ‘Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) — Global Strategic Business Report,’…the global market for BPO is projected to reach ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S10 leak: Cryptocurrency and a hole-punch display

Another day, another leak — and this time it’s the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 in the flesh… er… components? A tweet from Twitter user Ben Geskin shows what purports to be the new S10 with a hole-punch display and some interesting software we’ve not seen before: Samsung’s blockchain wallet. dubbed the ‘Samsung Blockchain KeyStore’ it appears to be a digital wallet for...[Read More]

Here’s a look at an early version of Xiaomi’s folding phone in action

Folding phones are a little like Pringles. Nobody’s thinking about them, then someone shows up with a tube and suddenly everyone wants one. That’s why everyone seems to be trying to catch up with Samsung. Motorola is thought to have something in the works with an updated RAZR, LG and Huawei are working on versions of their own and even Apple might have a folding device up its crisp, wh...[Read More]

Connect anything to everything with the High Five cable

Here at Stuff we live and breathe cool stuff (get it?) — and we’ve stumbled upon an intriguing device that we think every person should own. It’s a multi-purpose five-in-one dongle. That’s right — count on us to excited about dongles. And short cables, but that’s another saga.  The High Five is a crowdfunded keyring-cable that is made by Vonmählen, a new smartphone accessory comp...[Read More]

Android Q: What we know so far

Do you have Android Pie? We don’t have Android Pie yet (few in SA do) but we’ve already got some idea of what the as-yet unnamed successor Android Q will entail. Like smartphone leaks, keeping secrets about Google’s next mobile operating system instalment is tough to do. In this case, those intrepid folks from the XDA Developer’s Forum have managed to get their hands on an ...[Read More]

LG’s V40 ThinQ lands in SA on 7 February for R12,500

LG’s latest phablet, the V40 ThinQ, will go on sale in South Africa on 7 February with an impressively aggressive price point of R12,500. Vodacom will have the sole mandate for the device for the first quarter of this year. You’ll only be able to get the V40 in one colour, “Moroccan Blue”. Thankfully, it’s rather fetching, though. Plus, most people will be hiding it i...[Read More]

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