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Rumoured changes in the next iPhone iteration

The rumour mill churns ever onwards and speculation on the next iPhone is the subject of a lot of interest but some recently leaked information has pointed towards a slightly larger, slimmer iPhone. According to a source that has previously proved to be reliable Apple’s next iPhone will be sporting new dimensions of 125 x 58.5 x 7.4mm, a change of 10mm in height  and a 2mm thinner profile ov...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 unveiled at last

The speculation is over. Samsung revealed the Galaxy S3 handset yesterday at a launch event held in London, saying that the device would be available in Europe from the end of May before rolling out to the rest of the world. All of the hardware specs were also made official at yesterday’s launch. The Galaxy S3 features an Exynos 1.4GHz quad-core processor that is based on ARM’s Cortex ...[Read More]

Android malware making the rounds

Android users have got a little malware to worry about. A new Trojan, called “NotCompatible” aimed at the Android OS is infecting devices via infected websites. Security company Lookout claims that this Trojan is the first to use infected websites to target Android and believes that the malware could be used to break into private networks. NotCompatible works by automatically downloadi...[Read More]

Turning an iPhone into a pico projector

The concept may not be new but in this case the execution is certainly cheap and compact. Micron Technology’s PoP Video gadget is available for pre-order in the States at the moment and this little device turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a pico projector. For $99 (R770). According to the company’s website, the PoP Video is capable of 960 x 540 pixel output from one of the supported A...[Read More]

Apple and Samsung dominating smartphone market

According to recent data published by research firm IDC Apple and Samsung now have a combined hold on the smartphone market, collectively making up over 50% of smartphone units sold for the first time. The two companies now comprise 53.3% of smartphone sales. Samsung is leading with 29.1% of global smartphone sales and Apple possesses 24.2% of the market. IDC’s data also shows that Nokia, RI...[Read More]

Apple patents mass contact info updates via SMS

Apple have been awarded another patent, this one related to sending out a mass SMS message to contacts informing them that your phone number has been changed. The patent, Patent 8,170,588, covers, “A source mobile telephone [that] detects that a telephone number of the telephone has changed to a new number, and in response, sends a text or short message service (SMS) notice message to contac...[Read More]

Mobile base stations just got a whole lot smaller

Alcatel-Lucent have unveiled their solution to cell phone towers, called lightRadio. The lightRadio units are far smaller than existing cellular towers, being just about large enough to fit into the palm of someone’s hand. lightRadio has already been tested for coverage and energy usage improvements and could pave the way for cheaper expansion of cellular coverage due to its far smaller size...[Read More]

SA to get MasterCard Mobile

Credit card company MasterCard has partnered with local company Oltio, a “…mobile-centric payments and financial services company”, in order to bring MasterCard Mobile to South African shores. The service will allow users to make online purchases using their mobile phones. Only Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank clients will be supported but Maestro and MasterCard debit and credit c...[Read More]

Samsung takes Nokia’s no. 1 spot

Samsung has sold a record number of smartphones for the first quarter of 2012, outstripping all of the competition including Nokia and Apple. Samsung’s figures were driven by an increase in Galaxy smartphones for the company. 70% of the company’s overall operating profit came from Samsung’s mobile side in Q1, according to reports. Overall Samsung sold 92 million handsets for the ...[Read More]

Has Intel already made Windows RT irrelevant?

Windows 8 will be bringing along with it Windows RT, an OS designed around the ARM architecture, but a few upcoming Intel chipsets could threaten sales of devices bundled with Microsoft’s RT operating system by providing x86 processors that work as well (or better than) current ARM mainstays in phones and tablets. Previously Intel has been unable to compete on a pricing level with ARM proces...[Read More]

Is the next handset feature going to be terahertz x-ray vision?

Electrical engineers at the University of Texas in Dallas are working on new technology that might confer upon cellular phones the ability to see through walls. Dr. Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering at UT Dallas, and his team have apparently made some scientific advances that could see handsets doing just that. The team have hit on a way to get CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semicond...[Read More]

USA gets mobile share data in near real-time

The mobile usage share war between Android, iOS and everyone else is a constant feature of tech news and residents of the States (and the rest of the world) have now got a go-to place for up-to-date stats in the form of Chitika, a data analytics firm. The firm has launched a new site that keeps track of mobile dominance and updates it almost in real time. There is a six hour delay for the rolling ...[Read More]

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