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Samsung confirms local availability of Galaxy Beam

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Beam pico-projector handset has become locally available in South Africa, carrying a recommended retail price of R5,499. The latest version of the Galaxy Beam was revealed at this year’s Mobile World Congress and boast a built-in beam projector capable of projecting images “…at up to 1,300 mm in size at 15 lumens” according to Samsung E...[Read More]

Windows Phone 8 launch is make or break for Nokia – analyst

Nokia and Microsoft are going to unveil new Windows Phone handsets tomorrow but at least one analyst has said that this event could be the thing that makes or breaks Nokia. CCS Insight’s director of research Ben Wood has said “The challenge that Microsoft faces with the timing of the launch is that it risks being drowned out by the deafening noise generated by iPhone 5. That is going t...[Read More]

Acer to push Android over Windows Phone in 2013

A report from DigiTimes claims that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer will be releasing six new phones in 2013, with an emphasis on Android devices. Acer is hoping to boost its profile in the smartphone market with both high-end and entry-level devices planned. Only one of the six is slated for a Windows Phone 8 OS,which isn’t unusual given the company’s track record with handset...[Read More]

Apple adds Galaxy S III, Note to amended patent complaint

Apple has amended a complaint that the company has against Samsung to include more devices, including the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. The complaint was filed in another patent case pending before the same California court that granted Apple a $1 billion victory last month. According to the amended complaint, Apple has added “…at least 21 new smartphones, media players, and tablets th...[Read More]

Samsung launching low-cost Chief Hero dual-SIM handset for the African market

Samsung will be launching a new low-cost dual-SIM handset designed for the African market early in September. The handset, which is called the Samsung Chief Hero, is “…a GPRS Smart dual-SIM phone designed for cost-sensitive users” The specs for this phone aren’t impressive on a technical front but they aren’t intended to be. The Chief Hero uses a 1.8″ TFT displa...[Read More]

Apple parody: Launch photon torpedoes? There’s already a patent for that.

When you get to be as high-profile as Apple is, people all over the known universe are going to be taking shots at you. Sometimes with a phaser. Tech website AllThingsD unearthed a Star Trek parody video make by a group known as HAL9000_ that was posted to YouTube in November 2011 that echoes sentiments being expressed following the recent patent decision in Apple’s favour. Either the guys w...[Read More]

Samsung unveils a much larger Galaxy Note II

Samsung has revealed the new Galaxy Note II handset and its increase in size has the Note sequel edging further into tablet dimensions. The Galaxy Note II was unveiled yesterday at IFA in Berlin sporting an increased screen size, up from 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. Besides the expanded HD super AMOLED display the second Note is running a 1.6GHz quad-core processor and will ship with Android 4.1 Jell...[Read More]

TomTom bringing navigation app to Android smartphones in October

GPS maker TomTom said today that the company plans on releasing a navigation app for Android smartphones. The announcement came at this year’s IFA event in Berlin and also dated the application, pegging a release in October this year. TomTom’s app will be in direct competition with Google and other free navigation solutions but TomTom will still be charging for the app. The company hop...[Read More]

Samsung ban hearing set for 6 December

Yesterday Judge Lucy Koh set a hearing date for Apple’s application to have eight Samsung devices barred from sale in the US. The 20 September date will go ahead but it will only concern Samsung’s attempts to have the injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 lifted. The hearing on Apple’s request for a sales ban on Samsung products has been scheduled for 6 December, which will lessen th...[Read More]

Apple submits list of Samsung devices it wants banned to judge

Apple has submitted a list of Samsung devices that the company wants banned in the wake of the recent jury decision in its favour which will cost Samsung a little over $1 billion. Cupertino for the moment wants eight Samsung products banned from sale in the US, including the Galaxy S II Epic 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S II T-Mobile, Galaxy S Showcase, S II AT&T, S II Skyrocket, Droid Charge and t...[Read More]

LG’s LTE Optimus G detailed

LG has revealed the specs of the company’s new Optimus G smartphone, which appears to have taken on a slightly extended name. The Optimus G Lightning is an LTE handset and will feature a quad-core processor at launch. At its heart is a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064, backed up by 2GB of RAM. The display is a True HD (1280 x 768) IPS LCD that LG says will match the bezel and body of the han...[Read More]

Rumour – Apple’s new iPhone will sport an NFC chip?

Apple’s latest phone is rumoured to feature an NFC (near field communication) chip, speculation brought on by the publication of images purported to be the front assembly of the newest iPhone. The newest images are similar to those that have been seen previously but there are more parts fitted to the apparent assembly, including something that could be an NFC chip. There has been no confirma...[Read More]

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