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Sony annouces new cameraphone sensor

Sony, which supplies components for most handsets, has announced a new stacked CMOS cameraphone sensor called the Exmor RS. A stacked CMOS sensor is just that, the pixel section and circuit section of a sensor stacked on top of each other without using a substrate. There are three new sensors coming from Sony under the Exmor RS label, two 8-megapixel units and a 13-megapixel version. The company i...[Read More]

Nokia patents new haptics tech

Nokia has patented a new form of haptics feedback for its devices, this one intended to “generate a linear motion sensation in a direction at an exterior side of the housing to a user touching the housing” without moving the handset or device in question. Nokia’s haptics patent is intended to bring additional functionality to software navigation but the company also envisions tha...[Read More]

Nokia’s Lumia 800 takes a trip up Mt. Everest

A skydiving enthusiast, Minesh Mandalia, has taken his Nokia Lumia 800 up to the base camp of Mount Everest. Mandalia was originally planning on taking his laptop along in order to browse the web, update Twitter and Facebook and sort out his videos and image but opted instead for his Lumia, “[because I] realised I could take my phone and have all those features put into one small device.R...[Read More]

Nokia remains committed to Windows Phone, new device coming soon

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has said that the Finnish company is standing behind using Windows Phone in the handset wars with Android and iOS. Reuters reports that Elop, speaking to reporters, said “I don’t think about rewinding the clock and thinking about competing elsewhere. In today’s war … (between) Android, Apple and Windows, we are very clear, we are fighting that with th...[Read More]

Judge throws out three handsets from Apple-Samsung case

Samsung has seen a minor victory in the ongoing infringement case between the Korean company and Apple after the presiding judge threw out three of the handsets named in the suit. Samsung’s Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S i9000, and Galaxy S II i9100 were removed from the legal action because they “…weren’t sold by Samsung’s telecommunications and electronics divisions in the US...[Read More]

Apple, Samsung together garner 108% of smartphone profits in second quarter

A report from market research firm Canaccord Genuity has found that, somehow, Apple and Samsung hold 108% of the profits from global smartphone sales for the second quarter of this year. This isn’t an error of math however, the figure was arrived at because other smartphone manufacturers are losing money. Apple, while only contributing 16.1% of the smartphones sold in the quarter, managed to...[Read More]

Samsung expected to launch a new Galaxy Note this month

Samsung has reportedly told Reuters that the company will be launching a new Galaxy Note smartphone at the end of this month. The phone will apparently be unveiled in at an event in Berlin on 29 August. A Samsung representative is quoted as saying “We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29″ but no other details were provided. The...[Read More]

BlackBerry 10 might be licensed to other handset manufacturers

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins, speaking in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, has said that RIM is considering licensing BlackBerry 10 to other hardware developers because the company doesn’t “…have the economy of scale to compete against the guys who crank out 60 handsets a year.” “We have to differentiate and have a focused platform. To deliver BB10 ...[Read More]

Apple’s connector has shrunk again, Bluetooth 4.0 in iOS 6.0 and other new rumours

Two sources who have spoken to website iLounge have reported that previous rumours regarding the dock connector are incorrect, saying that instead of a 16-pin or 19-pin connector replacing the current standard 30-pin connector, an 8-pin version will be making an appearance. The also-rumoured 8-pin connector will apparently be able to connect to docks and cables in either direction, much like Apple...[Read More]

Sharp increasing production of rumoured Apple screens despite mounting losses

Display manufacturers Sharp said today that the company is increasing production of screens said to be heavily favoured by Apple for its new devices. Sharp is doing so against the backdrop of a reduced outlook which indicates that the company will post another large loss for this year. The Japanese company intends to invest $150 million in its IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) display tech, which analy...[Read More]

Nokia closing Australian Qt offices, reportedly looking to sell Qt

Nokai is closing down their Qt offices in Australia, laying off the development staff there including  those responsible for QA and the QML user interface layout system according to a report from Ars Technica. Their last day will apparently be 31 August. The closure has seemingly been confirmed by developer Lorn Potter, who posted a note on the Qt community mailing list detailing who will be let g...[Read More]

iOS creeping up on Android in the States, BlackBerry lagging

Recently released second quarter information has shown that Google’s Android operating system is slowing down, with the data reporting a drop of 5% in US market share for the OS over last year. Analyst firm Strategy Analytics has pointed out that Apple is the one picking up Android’s slack, making iOS the only operating system to have grown year-on-year in the US market. In the quarter...[Read More]

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