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South Africa’s first homegrown smartphone — Mara factory opens in Durban

Today, Rwandan smartphone company Mara Group opened its second factory in Africa. And here are the Mara devices it'll produce.

Merging of the 10s – Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 will get Android 10 soon

It looks like Samsung flagship owners may be the first to have access to the new Android 10 beta. It'll start rolling out to the US and EU in October.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will cost you R44k, will be available in SA from 18 October

And it's official. Samsung's Galaxy Fold folding smartphone will be touching down in South Africa from 31 October, though you're going to have to pre-order it, we reckon. Samsung certainly wants you to, since it's opening pre-orders from 18 October. And the money you're going to have to lay down? R44,000

You can now get eSIMs from MTN, but there’s a catch

MTN announced its new eSIM products today, which are aimed at customers who purchase a very specific contract. Its eSIMS are only available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) which supports eSIMs.

Apple will release a familiar-looking iPhone SE2 in early 2020

Welcome to the next round of the rumour mill. This time we’ve got details on the iPhone SE2, like when we'll see it and what specs to expect.

And just like that, the Mate 30 Pro loses its backdoor Google access

The whole world waited in anticipation to see what Huawei will do about it losing access to Google apps and Android. Then they found and removed a backdoor method.

Light Start: Hiding Facebook likes, Starship will carry people to Mars, new Galaxy Fold symptoms and WhatsApp will stop working on these phones

This week in Light Start, Facebook plans to hide likes, SpaceX has a new spacecraft, the Galaxy Fold still has problems and WhatsApp will stop working on these devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 – Here’s what we know so far

Research and development and, crucially, rumours about R&D don't take breaks. That's why we're talking about Samsung's Galaxy S11 already. This is a phone we're only likely to see in 2020, at (or just before) Mobile World Congress 2020. 

Light Start – Sideloading Google on the Mate 30, underwhelming Apple, Cool Ideas attacked and Pinkman’s back

Light Start - Sideloading Google into the Mate 30 Pro, China's underwhelming response to the iPhone 11, Cool Ideas is DDoSed, and Pinkman is back.

Here’s how Samsung wants you to look after your (mighty pricey) Galaxy Fold

We're expecting Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone/tablet to land any day now, and Samsung obviously feels the same way. It isn't releasing videos on how to look after your brand-new piece of folding tech for the fun of it, after all. 

Artificial Intelligence has a gender bias problem – just ask Siri

Virtual Personal Assistants – such as Bixby, Alexa (Amazon), Siri (Apple) and Cortana (Microsoft) – are at the cutting edge of marketable artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to using technological systems to perform tasks that people usually would.

Apple’s new iPhone 11 priced for South Africa

It was only a matter of time before we got South African pricing for the iPhone 11 and it's turned up just in time to dent your ailing wallet. The base iPhone 11 officially starts at

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