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Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year

The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent next year — a foldable phone. And we’re not talking about an updated Motorola Razr, but rather a smartphone with a 7in touchscreen display… that folds in half. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s foldable device in recent months, but this is the first information received ...[Read More]

Manage your mobile storage with Netflix’s Smart Download feature

It’s safe to say that the most desirable commodities in the Stuff offices are connectivity and space. If we don’t have the capacity to stream suspicious amounts of Rick and Morty in one sitting, we need loads of space in the shape of megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes, to store content to consume later on. Which may or may not include Rick and Morty. And this little treasure…  Netflix gets t...[Read More]

To improve digital well-being, put your phone down and talk to people

Apple and Google recently announced features in their forthcoming mobile operating systems designed to “reduce interruptions and manage screen time.” Android and iOS users alike will soon be able to guard their sleep against digital temptations, easily activate “Do Not Disturb” mode when needed, and get prompted to stop when they have used their favorite apps beyond a personally chosen time limit....[Read More]

Call any network with new Telkom FreeMe bundles

You don’t have to worry about the minutes running out just yet (especially if you prefer calling over data). But if you’re old-school that way, Telkom has launched a new voice bundle promotion for their FreeMe and FreeMe Family customers which was available from 5 July 2018. The best bit? The bundles can be used to call any mobile network in South Africa. How does it work? Users pay a fixed ...[Read More]

Huawei’s first 5G-supporting handsets will hit the market in 2019

We all know that 5G, the successor to current mobile internet technology 4G, is on its way. The tech, or an early version of it, was in testing in Japan as far back as 2014 and it’s getting ever closer to launch. So close, in fact, that Huawei is going to be launching its first 5G-capable smartphone in 2019. That’s the word according to the company’s Western European Consumer Bus...[Read More]

Light is prototyping a smartphone with 9 camera sensors

When one isn’t enough, we want two, and when that’s not enough — three should do the job, but after that we will only be satisfied by nine. Because nine camera sensors sounds exactly like something our overeager world is destined to have in the not-too distant future.   Light, the company behind the wild L16 camera that featured an array of seemingly randomly placed camera sensors, is now bu...[Read More]

Huawei’s Honor 10 GT to feature 8GB of RAM

Sorry, entry-level laptop. You’ve had a good run but smartphones are about to start hitting the market with double your usual RAM allocation. It’s time we said goodbye. And we’re not even kidding, as Chinese smartphone maker Honor has announced the Honor 10 GT — the first smartphone from the company to launch with 8GB of RAM. An upgrade of the Huawei Honor 10, which launche...[Read More]

A Samsung Galaxy S10 rumour round-up already? You betcha.

Around this time of the year, rumours start trickling in little by little, and we’re already receiving some juicy ones about the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10. We already know the Note 9 will be announced on 9 August in New York (we’ve collected all the rumours on that over here). Now, with the S10 on its way (it’ll probably only actually arrive in early 2019), the beauti...[Read More]

LG’s next smartphone rumoured to have 5 camera sensors

Earlier this year we saw LG’s notch-bearing addition to their smartphone lineup, the G7 ThinQ, and it’s just about time for the new V-series increment to drop. We’ve only heard rumours so far, not enough to even know the actual name of this device, but to keep it simple (and perhaps accurate) we’re calling it the V40.  The expected V40 is rumoured to have a total of five camera sensors, according ...[Read More]

Apple rumour round-up: AirPods 2.0, over-ear headphones and a new HomePod

You’d be forgiven for thinking Apple only makes iPhones. It doesn’t, it also makes a bunch of accessories for those handsets, and, you know, the iPads, Macs and other kit it sells. Key among its accessories is the audio category. Apple spent $3bn acquiring audio hardware company Beats in 2014, after all. Also, in the age of the phones without audio jacks and smart speakers, audio hardw...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: What we know so far

We know it’s coming, it’s just a matter of time. It’s a bit like a student loan statement when you were really hoping to eat this month or an overly large tide bearing down on the extravagant castle you built below the high-water mark. Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9 soon and we’re expecting… more or less exactly what’s already known about the handset. T...[Read More]

We really want to get our hands on the Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo, which is one of Huawei’s largest competitors, has just announced its newest handset — the Oppo Find X. And we want one. The trouble is, we’re going to have to go to Europe to get one. But it might be worth the trip, especially if you a) have the cash to burn and b) are a Lamborghini fan. In addition to announcing the standard Find X (pictured...[Read More]

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