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Keep your kid safe online with a KidTech phone contract

When we were youngsters, all we wanted were wheelies. But today’s children are a far tech-savvier and more demanding bunch. What children want today are mobile phones, which can be a pretty scary prospect for parents considering all the nastiness that’s out there, from pornography and graphic depictions of violence to cyber-bullying. Tariffic, which collates and compares cellphone cont...[Read More]

Buy or sell old smartphones with Phonetradr

Buying or selling an old smartphone is often a stressful process that involves using online classifieds and trying to sniff out the legitimate buyers or sellers from the scammers. Phonetradr wants to alleviate the stress and the risk by ensuring you get the best deal on a secondhand handset, or get the best return when selling yours. Phonetradr specialises in handsets from three of the big-name ma...[Read More]

iStore announces pricing to replace old iPhone batteries

It’s no secret that iPhones lose some of their oomph after a year or two, partly due to batteries that inevitably deteriorate, partly due to software updates that place greater demands on the hardware, and partly due to deliberate moves by Apple to slow down old iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns. The last of these factors prompted a backlash from consumers in recent weeks, which Apple respon...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything we know so far

Several months and several compelling challengers later, Samsung’s brilliant Galaxy S8 still ranks atop our list of the best smartphones today. And it may be the Galaxy S9 that ultimately dethrones it. Yes, just as the sun rises each morning, Samsung will debut a new Galaxy S smartphone in 2018. But after the startling transformation seen with the Galaxy S8 (shown above), will Samsung try to...[Read More]

5 Things you can expect from Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chip

This year the Snapdragon 835 chip was the belle of the ball for Android phone makers. The flagship phones from Samsung, LG, OnePlus and about 100 others — with the notable exceptions of Apple and Huawei, who like to do their own thing — all used it. Next year it’s going to be inclusion of the 845 that marks phones, tablets, virtual reality headsets and some laptops as being on th...[Read More]

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chip will power all of 2018’s big Android phones, and some laptops

Mobile chip maker Qualcomm has announced its forthcoming Snapdragon 845 chip at its Tech Summit in Maui, Hawaii today. Details are still pretty light on the ground, but you can bet there’ll be more specifics as the even unfolds. Not that it matters too much, though. The big news isn’t the specs of the 845, it’s where you’re likely to see it: namely every major flagship Andr...[Read More]

Xiaomi teases Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus ahead of 7 December reveal

We’ve often had good things to say about Xiaomi’s range of smartphones because, well… they’re good phones, Brent. We’ve got no reason to expect anything different of the Redmi 5, the newest handset from the Chinese company. The newly-teased Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus are going to be heading our way soon, so we might have reason to be excited. Maybe. That’s because...[Read More]

iStore reveals iPhone X contract deals

Today might be Black Friday (which means you can get 50% off a year’s worth of Stuff magazine, for example), but for Apple fans the bigger tech news is that the iPhone X is officially on sale in South Africa. The iStore has announced network contract pricing and iStore card finance pricing for the new jewel in Apple’s handset crown, and there are more contract options and buy-this-get-...[Read More]

Which iPhone should you buy? – Apple has 8 phones on the market. Here’s how to choose

Looking for the peak iPhone experience today? Well, the iPhone X is where it’s at… but the iPhone 8 Plus is also excellent. And the iPhone 8 is pretty good, too. But that’s just the newest stuff: Apple still sells five other iPhone models from the last couple years, each offering a mostly-similar core experience with some key differences in size, power, camera quality, and other perks....[Read More]

8 things we love about the Apple iPhone X – and 5 we don’t

The iPhone X is nearly here and it’s a showstopper: Apple has finally revamped the iPhone after a few years of sticking with the same design. It’s a huge shift, though, dropping the home button in favour of gesture-driven navigation, facial recognition for security, and an all-screen face. It’s also gorgeous, though, and feels like the truly exciting, ultra-premium upgrade weR...[Read More]

iPhone X up for pre-order in SA, starting from R20,500

We’ve waited long enough for this so we probably speak for everyone when we say: It’s about time. South African pricing for the iPhone X has been revealed and it’s… about what we were expecting, actually. Which is a nice way of saying that the iPhone X, which is now available for pre-order (though the link wasn’t live at the time of writing), will set you back R20,500...[Read More]

Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs LG V30+: The weigh-in

If you’re in the market for a big, beautiful, and brand-spanking-new smartphone this summer, you have some obvious choices – the Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, of course. But if none of those do the trick, you’ve got a couple more appealing options: the LG V30+ and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. LG’s G6 mostly impressed us earlier this year, but it was ...[Read More]

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