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LG unveils G7 smartphone in South Africa with pricing starting at R14,000

Three weeks after the global announcement of its new flagship, LG‘s finally confirmed the G7 ThinQ handset will be coming to South Africa. Like the G6 and G5 before it, the G7’s secondary rear camera goes wide rather than telephoto — as favoured by most of its rivals — and, like the G6, the two sensors are 16MP. We’ve always liked LG’s wide-angle secondary shoot...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone XI is due soon: Here’s what we know so far

We’ve heard rumours about multiple sizes and different screen resolutions, but what exactly does Apple have up its collective sleeve for their 2018 device? Will it be the iPhone XI? The iPhone 11? The iPhone X2, just for the fun of it, because who needs an iPhone 9? We aren’t sure what it’ll be called yet – but we have heard loads about what might be on the horizon, hardware-wise. The ...[Read More]

The first notchless, bezelless flagship might come from Lenovo

Ah, dreaded notches — can’t live with them, and can’t squeeze front-facing cameras into almost edge-to-edge displays without them. Unless you’re Vivo, which used a pop-up camera in the edge of its concept Apex handset to get around this problem. Now Chinese hardware maker Lenovo, which owns Motorola, has teased its own take on a bezelless, notchless phone. Every big-name smartpho...[Read More]

The best (and worst) prepaid data prices in SA

Data remains a hot topic in South Africa. Pressure from consumers and the #datamustfall movement recently prompted regulator Icasa to abolish data expiry, which will mean that once you buy data its yours to use. No non-sensical expiring, vanishing or other skullduggery. But, if you’re planning on changing service providers or getting a new contract a bit of research is key to getting the bes...[Read More]

The luxurious Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS is available in SA

Why would you want a Huawei smartphone that costs almost double what the new Huawei P20 Pro goes for? There are a few great reasons, but mostly it’s about looking absolutely awesome. That’s a definite prime reason for owning some high-end smartphone hardware. In this case, the Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS features a stylish curved design and is also branded with the Porsche Design log...[Read More]

Why do people risk their lives for the perfect selfie?

Earlier this month, an Indian man was killed while trying to take a selfie next to a wounded bear. It’s actually the third selfie-related death in India since December: On two separate occasions, elephants ended up taking the lives of people trying to snap images with the mammals. A news report about the bear attack. Animals don’t pose the only danger to selfie seekers. Heights have also resulted ...[Read More]

Really need to P? Android P public beta now available for a limited number of devices

Google’s already had a very impressive showing at their annual Google I/O event, including a jaw-dropping demonstration of AI-based natural language interactions with real human beings, but it’s the public beta of the new version of Android, Android P, which has caught our attention. That’s right, you can try out an Android OS so fresh that it doesn’t have a full code-name ...[Read More]

The first of Nokia’s new smartphones goes on sale today

HMD Global, the company behind the reinvigorated Nokia mobile brand announced a selection of new smartphones and feature phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, including feature phones the 8110 “banana phone” and the new sub-R1,000 Nokia 1, alongside its new Android-powered flagship, the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Now we’ve got timelines for when you’ll be ab...[Read More]

Black Shark gaming smartphone. Wait, what?

Okay, gaming is becoming portable, we get it. But really, this portable? It’s not like mobile phones optimised for gaming aren’t already on our Christmas list. It just feels like the gaming community isn’t quite as ready for them as some companies seem to be hoping. First we saw the Razer phone earlier this year, and now Xiaomi has launched its Black Shark device, which is — you guessed it &...[Read More]

South African Huawei P20 owners get VIP perks

The new Huawei flagship phones are only a few weeks old, and already the company has announced plans to add some value to the deal for users who buy one of the devices in the P20 range, which includes the P20, P20 Lite, and the beast that is the P20 Pro. It is called the Huawei Diamond VIP Service and if it is as fancy as it sounds, we’re probably in for a treat. According to Huawei, the tot...[Read More]

Nokia 1 launches in South Africa with Android Oreo Go Edition

Nokia is officially back and making waves in the mobile phone world. Last year we saw the return of the 3310, and more recently an updated version of the infamous banana-phone (or 8110, if you prefer the official name). On the “smarter” side of things, Nokia mobile’s parent company HMD Global has announced details of its entry-level smartphone, the Nokia 1. Though it’s a sm...[Read More]

Data prices too high? Good thing Google Go just launched in South Africa

Google today launched Google Go in Sub-Saharan Africa (which includes South Africa, in case you were wondering), a service which will provide users with a ‘lighter’ way to search. Specifically aimed at users who do not own flagship smartphones or people who just want to watch their data usage, Google Go is a search engine — basically like the conventional Google search found in most Android ...[Read More]

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