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The 9 things you should do with your Samsung S9/S9+

So, you’ve decided to get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, the Android phone that’s on course to set the bar for 2018’s other handsets to try and match. Perhaps you’ve upgraded from the S8 and want to know what’s changed, or you’ve tired of Apple’s walled garden, ditched your iPhone and need a tiny tots primer course on the best Android Oreo has to off...[Read More]

Pictures of the Huawei P20, P20 Lite, and three-camera-laden P20 Pro have leaked

Another day, another leak. This time it’s Huawei having its parade rained upon and proving how impossible it is to keep details of new smartphones secret. Images of the new P20 range of devices Huawei’s launching at an event in Paris on 27 March have made their way online, and as expected, it looks like we can expect three devices with the fanciest of the trio touting three rear camera...[Read More]

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ deals in South Africa

Now that the grand reveal has happened, everyone wants to get their hands on the S9 and S9+ (well, a lot of people). We’ve done the necessary digging to find all of the once-off prices as well as contract specials on offer from local service providers. It’s possible to buy the new devices for cash, too, and then use the SIM of your choice. Prices for the standalone Galaxy S9 vary from ...[Read More]

Demystifying smartphone camera jargon

The technology industry is rife with acronyms, jargon and specialist terms that can be overwhelming for newcomers. Photography is no different. In fact, sometimes it can be even worse, and just like the tech sector, often the things we’re told we’re meant to be paying attention to aren’t in fact the ones that really matter. So here’s Stuff‘s guide to the terms youR...[Read More]

Impressive cameras are defining the latest crop of top-end smartphones, which have bigger screens in smaller cases

If you hadn’t heard the word “bokeh” last year, you’ll certainly learn it this year. It’s the Japanese word for that artistic blur in photographs where the subject is in focus and the background isn’t. Until recently, to achieve it you needed to have a fast lens with a large aperture so that you could achieve a shallow depth of field, which created the backgroun...[Read More]

Apple working on largest iPhone yet – Because bigger is better, right?

The rumours are in, and they say that Apple is working on a giant iPhone X. Hopefully one fit for human use, and not just those with orcishly large hands… As we already know (or at least think we know), Apple is expanding the iPhone X range and will include three new handsets in the line. We have even more info on this expansion, as reported by Bloomberg earlier this week. According to the report,...[Read More]

Nokia 8110 – Hands-on with the Nokia banana-phone

Back before the Matrix series had descended into weird philosophy cut with impossible fistfights, if you wanted the greatest in phone technology then you wanted whatever smartphone Nokia had released that week. The sliding Nokia 8110, the very handset that Keanu Reeves used to escape capture from his office job (something we all wish we could do), was the epitome of the future then. Bendy and with...[Read More]

Sony’s gone high-end again with camera-centred Xperia XZ2, XZ Compact

It’s Mobile World Congress time again, the time of year when most of the smartphone surprises for the year are either teased or confirmed. Sony’s had a couple of announcements for us in the shape of the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact handsets, which will be launching next month — though local availability and pricing have yet to be confirmed. It’s been quite some time since a n...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8: What’s changed

We’ve seen a pattern like this before: Samsung’s Galaxy S7 took its cues from the Galaxy S6, the company’s last radical redesign. Having the same thing happen in the jump from the S8 to the Galaxy S9 isn’t completely unexpected. This Apple-like approach to handset releases might make for a less-exciting reveal but that’s as may be. There are some high points to be see...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S9: Hands-on with the world’s best phone

Let’s address the elephant in the room first, shall we? On a visual level, not much has changed between the Galaxy S8 and the newly-revealed Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s quite an Apple-like move for Samsung to make — the looks are the same but the insides are what has changed. But how much? Not a colossal amount, as it happens. If you made the upgrade jump last year, you’re not ...[Read More]

The Samsung Galaxy S9: It’s all about the camera

Keeping secrets in the mobile industry is pretty much impossible these days, even if you’re a juggernaut like Samsung. So it’s no surprise the multitude of rumours and leaks about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were right on the nose. But they’re rumours no more. Samsung’s unveiled its pair of new handsets in Barcelona this evening, a day ahead of the mobile industry’s annual ...[Read More]

Nokia goes retro again with the 8110 4G

This time last year Nokia stole the show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with an unlikely star, its updated version of the classic 3310. This year another retro-inspired handset for feature phone fans has been added to the Nokia lineup in the form of the 8110 4G. The original 8110 became iconic thanks in part to the 1999 movie The Matrix (while simultaneously inescapably dating the film). As...[Read More]

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