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How to get Spotify Premium for free for three months

Everyone likes free things. Well, most free things. We won’t queue up at a kiosk offering free smacks upside the head, for instance. This, thankfully, is a whole lot more pleasant. Spotify is offering new subscribers a lengthier unpaid period with Spotify Premium. Basically, you’ll get two extra months to decide whether you’re willing to drop 60 bucks a month for the service. Jus...[Read More]

You can now get your health on with FNB rewards and Kauai

FNB is ramping up its in-app offers, and will now offer ‘healthy monthly benefits’ with arguably the best smoothie brand in the country, Kauai.

Don’t all crowd in at once: Win one of five sets of double tickets to Comic Con Africa 2019

What, you might ask, would compel us to want to work on a long weekend? A little something known as Comic Con Africa 2019, which will be taking place from 21 September all the way through to 24 September. That's four whole days of the biggest, nerdiest convention-type stuff we've had the pleasure to immerse ourselves in. And, now, five sets of two people can come along

Four reasons Huawei’s new Harmony OS won’t solve its problems

Under pressure to come up with a solution, Huawei announced a new, lean operating system, Harmony OS, to the world on August 9. Similar to Android, Huawei’s new operating system can easily work across multiple device types, from TVs to smartphones.

Will Snap’s third attempt at Spectacles succeed? At least they look like shades for adults

Last we heard from Snap, the company behind SnapChat and the ill-fated first set of Spectacles, it was trying out a bunch of new things. And now it's trying out one more, the newest iteration of its Spectacles. Big whoop, right? We've seen all this before. Except... we haven't. 

It’s just a phase: Here’s how you should watch Marvel’s MCU Phase One through Three

You know how it is -- you've got time on your hands and a freshly-created love of binge-watching brought on by too much Netflix and Showmax. When you can burn through an entire season in less than a day, what constitutes a challenge? How about the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History™ -- Phases One through Three of Disney and Marvel's Marvel Cinematic Universe? All three phases have been comp...[Read More]

Silicon Valley wants to read your mind – here’s why you should be worried

Silicon Valley companies (and governments) already surreptitiously gather as much data on us as they can and use it in ways we’d rather they didn’t. How sure can we be that our random and personal thoughts won’t be captured and studied alongside the instructions we want to give the technology?

How will we travel the world in 2050?

Arresting this incline will be the first step towards a sustainable system of international travel – but how could it be done? A frequent flyer tax would be relatively easy to implement but it could mean the richest can still afford to fly while the poorest are priced out.

Drone Racing League is offering a street-legal version of its DRL Racer4 drone to the world

if you've ever wanted to try your hand at flying a race-spec drone, now's your chance. The Drone Racing League is offering an at-home version of its DRL Racer4 drone, the unit being raced in this season's fixtures. 

Don’t expect to see Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone before November

It's not the first but hopefully it's the last. Huawei's Mate X folding smartphone has suffered yet another delay, according to a report from TechRadar. Though it was slated for a September release this year, the Mate X has been pushed back even further

Inventive teen used a smart fridge to tweet after her mother took away her phone

Kids these days, eh? Can’t even take away their smart devices, and they go ahead and access social platforms and tweet from smart-home devices

Bought your Mid-2015 Apple MacBook Pro from the States? The FAA thinks it could be the bomb

The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned specific Apple MacBook Pro laptop models from flights in the States. These models are part of an ongoing recall. The FAA ban is because those notebooks pose a fire risk on airplanes. 

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