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Remgro-owned CIVH buys 34.9% of Vumatel

Vumatel, the company that triggered the fibre-to-the-home land grab in the Johannesburg suburb of Parkhurst, has announced that its shareholders have entered into an agreement with Remgro-owned CIVH to acquire 34.9% of the company as a passive shareholder. That should mean business as usual for now, but CIVH aims to “obtain the remainder of the Vumatel shareholding” in due course. The ...[Read More]

World Cup: all the ways footballers and fans can be hacked

Visitors to the 2018 World Cup in Russia will be eager to enjoy the football and soak up the culture. But safety concerns are lurking in the background of this tournament. Whether it is the threat of racial abuse, football hooliganism, or falling victim to fraud, many football fans have good reason to be wary. But alongside these traditional threats, travelling fans and players also need to be vig...[Read More]

Want data that doesn’t expire? Rain’s offering that already

The new kid on the mobile service provider block, LTE-A group Rain, has launched new promotional, unlimited mobile data deals that don’t expire. Because non-expiry of data is very cool in Icasa’s book. And it’s pretty cool in our book, too. Imagine buying a pack of Simba chips and once you’ve finished just half of it, someone from the Spar shows up at your house to take it ...[Read More]

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is packed with wall-crawling heroes

How many spiders are too many? If you’re arachnophobic, just the thought of them can be overwhelming. In the Marvel universe, you probably can’t have a surplus. Spider-Man meets Spider-Man meets… Spider-Gwen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an upcoming animated film from Sony. And Sony may have… done something decent with the Spider-Man franchise with this one. Peter P...[Read More]

How to: Block unwanted phone calls (without using Truecaller)

Spam calls are a running joke at the Stuff offices. Do you just stare at an unusual phone number on your smartphone screen with dread, wondering whether this is the telemarketer who just hangs up, if there’s nothing but dead air, a robot voice or — horror of horrors — perhaps it is a cold-caller attempting to sell you something you don’t want or need. No matter, we wind up ...[Read More]

Apple is going dark and dry with macOS Mojave

iOS 12 wasn’t the only thing that Apple showed off to the world last night — there was also a first look at the company’s newest desktop operating system: macOS Mojave. Or, if you want to be quite dry and specific, macOS 10.14. But what does the new OS entail? We’ve got a rundown of the best incoming features here. Into The Desert The first, most obvious, and perhaps most u...[Read More]

One day we will be grateful that Europe’s GDPR laws have clawed back our privacy

In the last two weeks your inbox will probably have been bombarded with emails asking you to agree to new privacy rules about your personal data. It may be the first time you’ve seen the acronym GDPR – which stands for General Data Protection Regulation – but it won’t be the last. This new set of regulations from the European Union about how businesses handle our personal data is a profound ...[Read More]

Debunking the 6 biggest myths about technology addiction

How concerned should people be about the psychological effects of screen time? Balancing technology use with other aspects of daily life seems reasonable, but there is a lot of conflicting advice about where that balance should be. Much of the discussion is framed around fighting “addiction” to technology. But to me, that resembles a moral panic, giving voice to scary claims based on weak data. Fo...[Read More]

Got great blockchain ideas? Tari Labs wants to help you build the things you love

The word “blockchain” tends to conjure images of cryptocurrencies and the volatility that comes with them, leaving many regular Joes (and Jills) wary. But blockchain technology has myriad other applications. One of them is managing things like digital assets — think concert tickets, in-game purchases and other digitally scarce commodities. Three visionaries are building a blockch...[Read More]

The five readers heading to Solo: A Star Wars Story with Stuff are…

Oh man, this was one of the roughest competitions Stuff has run in a long, long time. We’ve never wanted to give everybody the prize more than we wanted to today. Just like a deca-Highlander, though, there can be only ten. In the shape of five sets of double tickets to Solo: A Star Wars Story, that is. No swords (or light sabers) are involved. And those five sets of tickets have now got home...[Read More]

What Facebook isn’t telling us about its fight against online abuse

Facebook has for the first time made available data on the scale of abusive comments posted to its site. This may have been done under the growing pressure by organisations for social media companies to be more transparent about online abuse, or to gain credibility after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Either way, the figures do not make for pleasurable reading. In a six-month period from Oc...[Read More]

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