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The Vatican has launched the wearable you may have been praying for – Meet the eRosary

Stop us if you've heard this one: The Vatican -- you know, those folks behind a little thing called the Catholic Church? -- has launched its very own wearable. Called the Click To Pray eRosary, it does exactly what you think it would, based on the name. Basically, it's a technological version of the old faithful rosary. 

MyPlace turns having your very own smart home into a million pieces of joy

For those just starting out on the road to a Smart Home, there’s a unique joy that comes from the first time the devices do their smart thing: something between amazement, wonder, and the feeling that a door has just opened to a new dimension of possibility.[1] Sitting on my small patio as the daylight slowly fades away and the lights in my house automatically light up, I feel like James Bond. It ...[Read More]

AI could be a force for good – but we’re currently heading for a darker future

Data drives our global digital ecosystem, and AI technologies reveal patterns in data. Smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities influence how we live and interact, and AI systems are increasingly involved in recruitment decisions, medical diagnoses, and judicial verdicts. Whether this scenario is utopian or dystopian depends on your perspective.

The soon-to-be-crowdfunded Dune Pro case will give your Windows PC some Mac Pro style

Apple’s Mac Pro is on the way and it’s got one heck of a case. Part tank, part cheese grater, the Mac Pro’s shell is the sort of thing you can depend on to support the full weight of a car. Or something else heavy. We think. Please don’t test that at home, we didn’t design the thing. But to lay hands on that case you need to buy a Mac Pro — which starts at (at l...[Read More]

For the Jedi who has everything (else) – Le Creuset’s Star Wars cookware priced for SA

You might recall last week we spotted that kitchenware brand Le Creuset has a set of Star Wars-themed kitchen addition on the way. At the time, we knew when the hardware was landing (1 November) and where it'd be turning up...

How do lithium-ion batteries work?

The smartphone era is only just over a decade old, but the pocket-sized computers at the heart of that societal transformation are only really possible because of another technology: lithium-ion batteries.

Blue light isn’t the main source of eye fatigue and sleep loss – it’s your computer

Personal electronic devices emit more blue light than any other color. Blue light has a short wavelength, which means that it is high-energy and can damage the delicate tissues of the eye. It can also pass through the eye to the retina, the collection of neurons that converts light into the signals that are the foundation of sight.

Smart cities: world’s best don’t just adopt new technology, they make it work for people

Today, improving urban services through digital transformation is a huge industry, dominated by the likes of Cisco and IBM. But the idea of a “smart city” encompasses more than the clever application of technology in urban areas. That technology must also contribute to making cities more sustainable, and improving the quality of life for the people who live there.

Can hiding likes make Facebook fairer and rein in fake news? The science says maybe

You may have read about – or already seen, depending on where you are – the latest tweak to Facebook’s interface: the disappearance of the likes counter. Like Instagram (which it owns), Facebook is experimenting with hiding the number of likes that posts receive for users in some areas (Australia for Facebook, and Canada for Instagram).

Get in loser, we’re going (AR) Ghostbusting… in Japan

The event is to mark the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise and takes place at the Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo from 12 October this year. The event will see trainers leading participants sporting "...Ghostbuster uniforms, proton packs, and other props used in the filming of the Ghostbusters movie released in 2016"

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is totally a thing, will land by end 2020

Well so much for the future of game consoles being all-streaming, all the time. Sony's officially confirmed the name of its next console and has also given us a release window. You can expect to play games on a PlayStation 5 from the "...holidays 2020". That's around November/December this end of the world, since we've got holidays all over the place. 

Fujifilm announces Instax Mini Link pocket printer

Fujifilm has announced a true pocket printer called the Instax Mini Link that uses your smartphone camera to print on-the-go using the Mini Link app.

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