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Electric cars are here – but we’ll still need fuel for a long time

Electric cars are often seen as one of the great hopes for tackling climate change. With new models arriving in showrooms, major carmakers retooling for an electric future, and a small but growing number of consumers eager to convert from gas guzzlers, EVs appear to offer a way for us to decarbonise with little change to our way of life.

Volkswagen announces a ‘cheaper’ EV aimed at the masses called the ID 3

If there is one thing to complain about living in South Africa -- it’s the total lack of affordable EVs. Here's hoping the new Volkswagen ID 3 comes here.

Here’s Audi’s revamped A1 Sportback, and it’s available in SA now

The Audi A1 Sportback has received a radical redesign. It’s still fairly obvious that it’s the much-loved Audi hatchback, and it's available in South Africa now.

Five ways AI could make your car as smart as a human passenger

Research on driverless cars is well underway, but less is heard about the work being done to make cars a smart companion for drivers. In the future, the cars still driven by humans are likely to become as sensitive and attentive to their driver’s needs as another person. Sound far-fetched? It’s closer than you might think.

MyToyota will come standard to all Toyotas from 1 September, will give you 15GB data to use in-vehicle

Toyota South Africa today launched its MyToyota app in South Africa featuring even more connectivity features and free data.

We took the new Mercedes-Benz GLE 4Matic offroad

Mercedes Benz launched its next-gen GLE 4Matic range this week, and as many new cars, it’s packed full of some of the coolest tech you can find in a car.

Petrolheads unite! The Festival of Motoring is on this weekend at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit

You don’t need diesel in your veins, grease under your fingernails or horsepower calculations running through your head to enjoy the Festival of Motoring.

How will we travel the world in 2050?

Arresting this incline will be the first step towards a sustainable system of international travel – but how could it be done? A frequent flyer tax would be relatively easy to implement but it could mean the richest can still afford to fly while the poorest are priced out.

Is it the year 2000? You can now pay with a card to renew your car licence

Last week the South African Post Office tweeted that motorists can now pay with either debit or credit card for licence renewals.

Calling all Datsun fans: check out the now-open-to-the-public Datsun Heritage Museum

A mint-condition Datsun 160Z will net you a substantial amount of cash from the right person. Heck, even a rusted-to-crap 160Z will find an interested buyer. It's folks like those who should check out the newly open-to-the-public Datsun Heritage Museum in Bothaville, Free State. 

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) in South Africa: Is it worth it, or nah?

We've spent some time with the new-gen BMW i3 and started questioning the validity of electric vehicles in South Africa. Should you get one?

BMW unveils the all-electric Mini Cooper SE and it sparks joy

The all-electric Mini, the Cooper SE, was announced today, and it features a 270km max range. Here’s hoping we’ll see it in South Africa. 

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