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How will we travel the world in 2050?

Arresting this incline will be the first step towards a sustainable system of international travel – but how could it be done? A frequent flyer tax would be relatively easy to implement but it could mean the richest can still afford to fly while the poorest are priced out.

Is it the year 2000? You can now pay with a card to renew your car licence

Last week the South African Post Office tweeted that motorists can now pay with either debit or credit card for licence renewals.

Calling all Datsun fans: check out the now-open-to-the-public Datsun Heritage Museum

A mint-condition Datsun 160Z will net you a substantial amount of cash from the right person. Heck, even a rusted-to-crap 160Z will find an interested buyer. It's folks like those who should check out the newly open-to-the-public Datsun Heritage Museum in Bothaville, Free State. 

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) in South Africa: Is it worth it, or nah?

We've spent some time with the new-gen BMW i3 and started questioning the validity of electric vehicles in South Africa. Should you get one?

BMW unveils the all-electric Mini Cooper SE and it sparks joy

The all-electric Mini, the Cooper SE, was announced today, and it features a 270km max range. Here’s hoping we’ll see it in South Africa. 

Test drive and kit out your ideal Audi in VR before buying it

The first South African Audi Customer Private Lounge (CPL) has opened at Audi Centre Centurion which enables you to experience a new car with VR tech.

McLaren’s electric 720S has been made for little kids with grand ambitions in life

So you're the sort of person who spoils your kid, are you? Unless your toddler is styling around in their very own (electric) McLaren 720S, you're probably not doing it right. The auto-maker has come out with a scaled down version of its 720S supercar specifically for kids. It's not quite a supercar that shrank in the wash, however. The McLaren 720S Ride-On, to give it its full title, just looks l...[Read More]

Jaguar’s I-PACE is here to show you exactly what a winner looks like

This year I-Pace took the world by electric storm, snatching up an unheard-of award trifecta with the 2019 World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car awards. That’s quite the triple-threat but this recognition came on top of an already large collection of other global awards including European Car of the Year, International Engine & Powertrain of the Year and more tha...[Read More]

BMW has a clear Vision of future electric vehicles

The German carmaker, BMW, has revealed what it thinks the future of electric travel will look like with a couple of new electric-powered concepts.

Uber’s vision of “urban air mobility” tempered by a lack of profitability and driver issues

Despite all the advances of technology and transportation, what hasn't transformed is the amount of time it takes the average person to get to work, says Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber. Access to a city's centre is a greater success factor than education, he told the Uber Elevate conference in Washington last week. "It Is the key to success in society."

As cars become increasingly driverless, people are already seeking analogue motoring experiences

According to those in the industry, and researchers too, driverless cars will totally revolutionise the way we think about individual transport. They will change the way we work and rest. They could herald the end of traffic jams, and have the potential to change the lives of disabled people

Buy these almost R400k shoes and get an Opel Corsa GSI for free

Buy these limited edition Bathu shoes for R365,900 a pair and you'll get an Opel Corsa GSi for free.

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