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This Ferrari coffee table book costs more than most ordinary cars

What do you get the Ferrari fan who has everything? Not another Ferrari, they probably already have a few of those. They have everything, remember? But if you’re serious about the Italian car brand and happen to have a fair chunk of cash to throw about, you might want to […]

Turn your Tesla into an Atari gaming console

In may ways, the future’s arrived. We’ve can pay for things with the tap of a smartwatch, cars get over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and the next Tesla Roadster update will turn the centre console into a gaming station that’ll include “a few of the best” (by Elon’s standards, at least) […]

Even self-driving cars need driver education

What do self-driving cars and teenage drivers have in common? Experience. Or, more accurately, a lack of experience. Teenage drivers – novice drivers of any age, actually – begin with little knowledge of how to actually operate a car’s controls, and how to handle various quirks of the rules of the road. […]

Audi and Huawei are teaming up to develop Intelligent Connected Vehicles

In order to have smarter cars we’re going to have to connect them to the internet, to each other, and other things on the side of the road. Audi seems to understand that and they’re bringing in Huawei to help them to connect their vehicles. The two companies have announced […]

Peak into your future with a Jaguar I-Pace via a new app

Jag’s Go I-Pace app just launched, and it’s the perfect companion for someone who is considering buying an electric car. The app puts Jaguar’s all-electric performance SUV within arm’s reach. Well, sort of. It’s not really there, Jeff. Get out of that man’s car! The app guesstimates how the I-Pace […]

What if autonomous vehicles actually make us more dependent on cars?

Cities across Europe are taking steps to become increasingly car free. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is aiming for 80% of all trips to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041, while Copenhagen authorities are aiming for three quarters of all trips to be made in these ways by 2025. […]

We asked people if they would trust driverless cars

We’re promised a future with driverless cars on our roads, but do people really trust the technology to take us safely on journeys? New research, published this month in the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, has found that we may be more willing to trust driverless cars in certain situations, […]

Driverless cars are forcing cities to become smart

Autonomous vehicles are coming and they have the potential to radically better our lives. But to reap the rewards of this new technology, we first have to adapt the world to its requirements. This means preparing the way for massive engineering projects that will introduce the latest generation of mobile networks […]

Sweden’s new road powers electric vehicles – what’s the environmental impact?

Sweden has built the first smart road that will allow electric vehicles to charge as they drive. The eRoadArlanda pilot scheme, which covers two kilometres of road outside Stockholm, is an attempt to solve one of the biggest challenges that the transport industry faces. Namely, how to move freight and people […]

Driverless cars are already here but the roads aren’t ready for them

The recent deaths of a woman struck by a car Uber was testing in driverless mode and of a man whose Tesla Model X crashed when his hands were off the steering wheel because he was letting the car do some of the driving may shift the debate over autonomous vehicles. Those tragic fatalities […]

Formula E racing puts power in the hands of fans

Imagine this. You are an elite racing driver competing at a prestigious event on the streets of New York. You’re in a good position, preparing to accelerate up to 220km/h, when one of your main rivals sails past, thanks to a boost of energy fans voted to give them. This […]

Who’s to blame when driverless cars have an accident?

The news that an Uber self-driving vehicle has killed a pedestrian in the US has made headlines around the world. It’s a reminder that the era of self-driving cars is fast approaching. Decades of research into advanced sensors, mapping, navigation and control methods have now come to fruition and autonomous cars are […]

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