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Bought your Mid-2015 Apple MacBook Pro from the States? The FAA thinks it could be the bomb

The American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned specific Apple MacBook Pro laptop models from flights in the States. These models are part of an ongoing recall. The FAA ban is because those notebooks pose a fire risk on airplanes. 

Apple expected to ditch the dodgy keyboard in future MacBook models

As brilliantly built and sturdy as Apple products are, we know that their keyboards have turned out to be sub-par. That'll change soon.

No more 12in MacBook: Apple has other plans for its notebook lineup

Apple has decided to boot its 12in MacBook this week after introducing a new lower-cost MacBook Air and an updated 13in MacBook Pro. The previous-gen MacBook Air (that doesn’t feature Apple's Retina display) also won’t be available anymore. 

“We cannot supply the PC”: Huawei postpones MateBook launch

Huawei has confirmed that it won’t launch its upcoming MateBook laptop due to the US trade ban, because it doesn't have access to Intel processors and Windows.

Dell unveils new Alienware and G3 gaming laptops at Computex 2019

Dell has revealed three new gaming laptops at this year’s Computex. Most notably the company showed off its Alienware’s m15 and m17 laptops and the updated G3.

Asus announces a (real) dual-screen laptop, the ZenBook Pro Duo

Asus has announced a truly dual-display laptop, the Zenbook Pro Duo, that'll come to South Africa at the end of August with a starting price of R40,000.

All the cool stuff Asus announced at Computex 2019 (so far)

This year at Computex, Asus announced a new range of laptop-focused gaming displays, updated ROG headsets and decided to update its current ZenBook and VivoBook ranges

If you need more power, Apple’s updated MacBook Pros have eight cores

Apple’s top laptops just received a big update -- its 15in and 13in MacBook Pro’s will launch with faster Intel processors.

Want a dual-screen gaming laptop? HP’s bringing one to South Africa, sort of

HP recently unveiled the Omen X 2S, a dual-screen gaming laptop, and have confirmed that it’ll come to South Africa.

Move over phones, here comes Lenovo’s foldable ThinkPad X1 Family laptop

Lenovo has unveiled its first foldable laptop, the ThinkPad X1 Family, and says it'll go on sale in 2020.

All the new Acer products that will come to South Africa

The Next@Acer event last month delivered some impressive computing machines, and now we know which of them will come to South Africa.

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