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Twitter ends IBM patent litigation by acquiring, licensing a collection of patents

Just prior to Twitter’s IPO last year, IBM popped up claiming that the micro-blogging service infringed on several of its patents. From the start, IBM was hoping to “negotiate a business resolution of the allegations” and it looks as though those plans have come to fruition. IBM has announced, through a press release, that Twitter has acquired 900 of the company’s patents w...[Read More]

Google now allows you to build LEGOs using the Chrome browser

LEGOs are timeless, no matter what your girlfriend says, and this fact has been proven yet again by Google, who have made it possible for anyone to play with the popular building blocks in the Chrome browser. The project has been in the works since 2012, and yesterday Google opened the project to the public. So far the range of bricks available isn’t spectacular, but will still allow you to create...[Read More]

Wikipedia to add voice recordings of famous people to their pages

Wikipedia, arguably the greatest depository of human knowledge online, has announced that it is planning to store and make voice recordings of famous people available on its site. The concept behind the Wikipedia Voice Intro Project (WikiVIP) is to let future browsers be able to hear the person in question’s voice while you read about his or her life. Stephen Fry was the first famous person to joi...[Read More]

WhatsApp more than doubles its active user count in just 10 months

Long gone are the days where only someone with a Blackberry could revel in the joys of instant online messaging. We won’t say luckily, but luckily those days are over, and there is little doubt that WhatsApp is now the reigning king when it comes to mobile messaging apps. The messaging service has become so popular, in fact, that WhatsApp’s CEO Jan Koum announced earlier this week that his app can...[Read More]

Facebook’s targeted advertising will soon follow you around outside Facebook

Facebook’s advertising won’t always be confined to Facebook, if the social network’s plans for what is essentially a mobile ad network pan out. The company is testing their ability to serve Facebook ads via apps on mobile devices, which is very different from using another ad network to achieve the same result. The long and short of it is that Facebook intends to use the informat...[Read More]

Adopting the Internet of Everything could make SA billions, Cisco report claims

A new study, conducted by and released by IT company Cisco today, claims that the South African government could create somewhere in the region of R150 billion for the country’s public sector by embracing what the company calls the Internet of Everything (IoE), an interconnected system that encompasses the connected technologies that we have today as well as the Internet of Things and an inc...[Read More]

South Korea to get super-fast internet (and we do mean super-fast)

There’s a lot (mostly bad) that can be said about South Africa and internet speeds, which are far below the speeds that areas of Europe and North America have at their disposal. But, just when things were looking up, along comes South Korea and smokes the rest of the competition. Yes, the world leader in internet speed has always been Asia, and this week South Korean wireless carriers SK Telecom L...[Read More]

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ads will be phased out in April

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ad campaign, which saw user actions on Facebook being converted into advertisements for various companies, will be phased out of existence a little later this year. 9 April seems to be the the effective final date for Sponsored Stories, according to the company. The social network revealed this information through a platform roadmap announcement which lists sever...[Read More]

Facebook’s auto-play video function will enter testing for advertisers soon

It was almost exactly a year ago that Stuff first heard that Facebook had designs on video advertisements that would automatically begin playing when users logged into their Facebook accounts. The company has been testing the viability of automatically playing videos since September this year and the first ads will be rolling out to users soon. The social network still considers the first video ad...[Read More] wants to make it easier for you to jump ship from Gmail

Microsoft’s sees Google’s Gmail as its biggest competitor, as well it should, and Redmond has decided to take the First National Bank route to convincing users to switch allegiances – namely by making the process easier. The company has introduced a new feature for that takes the current switching process and makes it a lot simpler to achieve, allowing (so...[Read More]

Gmail, Google Calendar will allow you to download a copy of your data

Twitter already lets you do it, now Google will be allowing users to download their online Gmail and Google Calendar data, for backup or transfer purposes. Google has said that users will be able to “…download all of your mail and calendars or choose a subset of labels and calendars. You can also download a single archive file for multiple products with a copy of your Gmail, Calendar, ...[Read More]

MWEB to drop pricing and increase line-speeds for (some) Uncapped users

Following Telkom’s announcement that the telecoms company would be doubling ADSL line-speeds without increasing pricing for its Telkom Internet customers, a move which is due to come into effect from 1 December, MWEB have followed suit by announcing a similar speed increase – along with a new ADSL line-speed offering and a few price drops into the bargain. But there is a snag. MWEB say...[Read More]

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