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Twitter said to be mulling purchasing SoundCloud

Twitter may be looking to expand their internet tendrils into the world of music again, according to a report from website Re/Code. The report claims that Twitter is looking at purchasing SoundCloud, the free online audio-sharing service, citing sources “…familiar with both companies.” There is precedent for Twitter attempting to make inroads in the music market; the company laun...[Read More]

Set Twitter to ‘mute’ – silencing your main feed is now an option

Twitter has rolled out a new feature for all users, both mobile and desktop, that will allow them to unclutter their main feeds at the touch of a button. Or several touches, but they all do the same thing. Twitter now allows you to ‘mute’ followers, preventing their tweets and interactions from showing up in your feed. Just under which circumstances this would be useful isn’t exp...[Read More]

Amazon now lets users add basket items via Twitter

Online mega-retailer Amazon today announced a new kind of integration with Twitter, which lets users add items to their online baskets with a simple hashtag. Linking your Twitter profile to your Amazon account is a necessary first step, but once that’s done, simply reply to any tweet with an link using the hashtag “#AmazonBasket” or an link using the hashtag “#AmazonC...[Read More]

WhatsApp hits 500 million user milestone

When last we heard from WhatsApp regarding its user base, the chat app boasted 430 million users. Following its acquisition by Facebook for what is frankly a stupidly large amount of money, the popular app has increased its collection of users to the half-billion mark. WhatsApp made the milestone announcement via the company’s blog, citing growth in countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and R...[Read More]

Twitter launches updated profiles for all users

Ever wanted to get your Twitter account looking a little more like your Facebook page? Twitter is giving all users the option now to select an updated profile for their accounts that brings a Facebook-like look to their micro-blogging activities. But don’t let the appearance get you down, Twitter has also introduced a lot of functionality to the updated website profiles. Users will obviously...[Read More]

Netflix to get somewhat more expensive for new users

Netflix users around the world could be looking at a pricing increase in the near future, though comments by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings suggest that those who are already subscribers will be exempt from any increases for a certain period. Hastings, in a letter to shareholders concerning the first quarter of 2014, said that “Our current view is to do a one or two dollar increase, depending on ...[Read More]

Twitter acquires social data provider Gnip

Twitter has announced a new acquisition for the company, social data provider Gnip. Gnip collects (public) social media information from a variety of sources and gives it to some very high-profile clients who then use that data to analyse what is going on, both with their products and around the world. Gnip collects data from a variety of sources such as YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook and o...[Read More]

Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral to be available on WeChat

Gareth Cliff’s departure from 5FM has led to other things. Namely CliffCentral, an online radio station that will launching on 1 May this year and which will be “…multi-faceted and free from suspensions, restrictions or BCCSA complaints”, according to Gareth Cliff. While CliffCentral will be streamed over the internet, that’s not all that is in store for fans. Gareth ...[Read More]

Amazon branching out into digital comics after acquiring comiXology

Amazon has announced that they have made a deal that will lead to the online store acquiring comiXology, the digital comic distribution platform. comiXology has confirmed the deal, saying in a post on their website that “We have long had the goal of making every person on the planet a comics fan. With Amazon’s help, this crazy goal is more possible than ever before.” Amazon’s Dav...[Read More]

Apple’s WWDC will take place from 2 June

Apple has dropped the dates for their Wordwide Developers Conference for this year, with the event starting off on 2 June. WWDC 2014 will run through to 6 June and will be taking place at Moscone West in San Francisco. The company will be hosting several technical sessions, showing off upcoming and current features of iOS and OSX and will have have the Apple Design Awards taking place during the e...[Read More]

Google making changes to ads in Android apps

Google has, according to a recent email sent to app developers, made changes to the Google Play Developer Program Policy governing what sort of advertising can be displayed in the apps found on the company’s Play Store. The changes are designed to make developers responsible for the ads that appear in their software and should tighten up on advertising that doesn’t promote what it seem...[Read More]

Facebook’s DeepFace facial verification project “closing the gap to human-level performance”

It’s no secret that Facebook has been interested in the world of facial recognition for a while and the company’s current project along those lines, artificial intelligence software called DeepFace, is supposed to be closing in on human-level performance in facial verification. The MIT Technology Review reports that the project, which is slated to remain a research project for the mome...[Read More]

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