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Google said iPhones had a security flaw, and Apple shot back

Back in June, Google discovered a range of security flaws in iPhone software that injected malicious code into phones. Here's what happened.

Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs

Fortnite is gone, RTX is coming to classic games, you can now answer a call on your PC (if you dare), and you cannot answer calls on iOS 13.

Unguarded comments by Mark Zuckerberg reveal Facebook’s ready to “fight”

Facebook will take it "to the mat and fight". This is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about any potential legal challenge from the government to break it up.

Can hiding likes make Facebook fairer and rein in fake news? The science says maybe

You may have read about – or already seen, depending on where you are – the latest tweak to Facebook’s interface: the disappearance of the likes counter. Like Instagram (which it owns), Facebook is experimenting with hiding the number of likes that posts receive for users in some areas (Australia for Facebook, and Canada for Instagram).

Go dark in Instagram now, if you want to

We’ve already seen a range of apps adopt the new look, like Gmail, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest. Now Instagram has joined the dark forces.

You can now get eSIMs from MTN, but there’s a catch

MTN announced its new eSIM products today, which are aimed at customers who purchase a very specific contract. Its eSIMS are only available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) which supports eSIMs.

Sony PlayStation is killing off native Facebook sharing for the PS4

Are you the sort of gamer who only has gamer friends on Facebook? Do you regularly post images and achievements from your PlayStation? Does it confuse the few tech-impaired relatives who can't understand why you keep posting gorgeous photos of some chap named Nathan Drake? Yeah, that's coming to an end. Sony's officially ending Facebook integration for the PlayStation 4. 

Digital colonialism: why some countries want to take control of their people’s data from Big Tech

At the close of June’s G20 summit in Japan, a number of developing countries refused to sign an international declaration on data flows – the so-called Osaka Track. Part of the reason why countries such as India, Indonesia and South Africa boycotted the declaration was because they had no opportunity to put their own interests about data into the document.

How a Minecraft world has built a safe online playground for autistic kids

For autistic children, online social interactions can be just as fraught as those in the offline world. The community at Autcraft, which is built around a customised version of the popular game Minecraft, has set out to create a safe virtual playground.

Under pressure to aid mental illnesses, Facebook is hiding how many people like a post

Having built its social media empire on the power of a like, Facebook is reaping the consequences of this online beauty contest.

The fightback against Facebook is getting stronger

Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg recently took the unusual step of visiting lawmakers in Washington, including President Donald Trump in the White House. The reason? Congress’s anti-trust sub-committee has started demanding documents from Facebook and other big tech firms

Twitter and TweetDeck suffer major outages

The platform we all flock to when Facebook or Instagram is down (good ole Twitter) has suffered major outages and connection issues over the past few hours.

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