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Vodacom MD Sipho Maseko resigns

Vodacom’s group CEO and MD Sipho Maseko has resigned from his positions with the cellular provider in order to “pursue other interests”, according to Vodacom. His departure comes nine months after he accepted the post of MD and a bare two months after Maseko was promoted to group CEO, overseeing Vodacom SA’s operations. Mr. Maseko would not comment on the reasons for his le...[Read More]

Microsoft planning to acquire Yammer – source

Microsoft is reportedly planning on buying networking company Yammer for a sum that might cross the $1 billion mark. Yammer is a social network used primarily for businesses and Microsoft’s apparent discussions with the company may be concluded as soon as later today. Having Yammer at their disposal would permit Microsoft to offer social-networking features along with their other business-or...[Read More]

Nokia announces 10,000 job cuts

Nokia has announced that the company plans to cut around 10,ooo jobs from their workforce around the world, equating to about a fifth of the positions at the company. The reduction in staff is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. Stephen Elop, Nokia president and CEO, said “These planned reductions are a difficult consequence of the intended actions we believe we must take to ensure ...[Read More]

Apple denied injunction to stop Galaxy S III US launch

Earlier this week Apple was denied an injunction on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S III in the United States. If it had been granted it would have stopped the 21 June launch of the handset in the US. The ruling against the injunction was given because it would have delayed the existing case between Apple and Samsung, further pushing back the July start date for the legal action. This is the late...[Read More]

Zynga drops below $5 a share, new promotion to launch

Social gaming company Zynga’s stock value has dropped considerably since the company’s IPO late last year, falling to lower than 50% of its initial value. The most recent drop came yesterday when it dropped by 12% of it’s then-current value to $4.98. The loss in value has been blamed on several factors, among them Facebook’s poor showing on the stock market and fears that t...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘iPhone killer’ launches

Launching today is the latest, greatest cellphone yet, well, since the last one. The difference is it’s not the usual mania about a new iPhone – it’s about a phone people are optimistically calling the ”iPhone killer”. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has generated as much anticipation as is usually reserved for Apple’s lone smartphone model. Taking a leaf from Apple’...[Read More]

RIM wins BBM trademark ruling

BlackBerry maker RIM (Research in Motion) has finally had something go their way. The troubled company has won a ruling over the use of the BBM trademark against BBM (Bureau of Broadcast Measurement) Canada, which has owned the trademark for over 50 years. A Canadian Federal Court has ruled that RIM’s use of BBM does not infringe on BBM Canada’s trademark because the two companies are ...[Read More]

Oracle can’t copyright Java APIs – Judge

The legal issues between Google and Oracle are still moving along, with the most recent ruling settling a question that was left unanswered earlier on in the proceedings. Judge William Alsup ruled yesterday, regarding the 37 Java APIs in question, that they were not subject to copyright protection, something that a jury had been unable to decide on when they ruled in Oracle’s favour early la...[Read More]

ACTA treaty hits more European opposition

The ACTA treaty (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), which  was initially expected to be approved by the European parliment, has faltered in that region with several countries delaying ratification or expressing doubts about the treaty following protests. ACTA suffered further setbacks today when it was rejected by three committees in the European Parliament. The three committees were: the legal...[Read More]

Publishers finally respond to DOJ/ebook suit

A suit was filed by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) in April this year against Apple and several publishers alleging that they had conspired to set ebook prices. Apple responded almost immediately, while three of the publishers settled with the DoJ.The two remaining publishers in the suit, Penguin and Macmillan, have now responded to the accusations. Part of Penguin’s reply to the charges...[Read More]

Facebook’s value has dropped 40%

Facebook’s stock has dropped even further by opening yesterday at $28.84, a far cry from its $38 per share price when the social network’s IPO launched less than two week’s ago. The valuation for the company has dipped as a result, from $104 billion at the launch of the IPO to a little under $62 billion. The latest drop in the share price has been blamed on options trading, with ...[Read More]

RIM paring down 2000 jobs

BlackBerry makers Research in Motion (RIM) are reportedly looking at making some 2000 jobs within the company redundant as part of planned global restructuring. The layoffs are expected to effect all divisions of the company on a worldwide scale and should see some executives leaving along with staff who occupy positions lower on the corporate ladder. According to one unnamed source: “RIM ha...[Read More]

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