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Samsung files another 8 patent claims against Apple

Samsung has filed a counterclaim against a suit that Apple brought against the Korean electronics company in February this year. Samsung has alleged that Apple has infringed on eight of their patents, two of which are FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) patents that Samsung claims are essential to the mobile industry standards. FOSS Patents, who broke the news of Samsung’s count...[Read More]

Zuckerberg talked Instagram down from $2 billion

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reportedly negotiated his company’s recent purchase of photo-sharing service Instagram on his own over the course of three days, talking Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom down from an asking price of $2 billion in the process. According to a Wall Street Journal report the negotiations for the purchase took place at Zuckerberg’s home in Palo Alto, with the Fac...[Read More]

Google Drive may launch next week – report

Details of Google’s Google Drive have reportedly leaked, pointing towards a free 5GB of storage for users and a launch date some time next week for the service. The leaked details, which were seen by The Next Web who cite “a draft release from a partner of Google’s upcoming Google Drive service”, claim that users will be able to access their files from any web browser but w...[Read More]

Web freedom threatened – Google’s Sergey Brin

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has said in a recent interview with The Guardian that the open internet presently has a large array of forces opposing it, a situation that he describes as “scary,” Brin lists government attempts to control the internet and the way that their citizens communicate, the American entertainment industry’s lobbying for harsher piracy laws and the advent o...[Read More]

Oracle vs. Google IP trial starts today

The trial between Oracle and Google over Java is set to kick off today, with jury selection. This may not be the most exiting of occurrences but it does set the stage for what has being called  the “world series of intellectual property trials.” Oracle initially sued Google in 2010, alleging that Google infringed seven Java patents in their Android operating system. Five of these paten...[Read More]

Former RIM chief was planning changes before he left

Former RIM (Research in Motion) head Jim Balsillie was planning extensive changes within the company before he stepped down, according to a report from Reuters citing two unnamed sources. The plans included giving wireless companies in America and Europe access to Blackberry’s networks, allowing them to route non Blackberry devices through the system. This would have apparently helped to dra...[Read More]

Apple responds to DOJ/e-book suit

Apple has responded to accusations from the US Department of Justice, filed in a suit on 11 April, that state that Apple conspired with several noted publishing houses to artificially inflate e-book pricing through the adoption of an agency pricing model. Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr has spoken out regarding the DoJ’s suit, saying “The DOJ’s accusation of collusion against Apple i...[Read More]

Apple considered splitting market with Amazon – report

Apple and several book publishers are currently facing a lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice for conspiring to artificially set e-book pricing. The complaint that was filed makes for some interesting reading but a very specific section of it, which isn’t elaborated on in the complaint, is even more so. It appears that, according to the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Apple at one t...[Read More]

Apple, publishers facing lawsuit over ebook pricing

The US Department of Justice today filed a lawsuit against Apple and five book publishers over allegedly artificially inflating ebook pricing. Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster are the publishers named in the suit, which was filed in New York. Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster are reportedly hoping to settle the case as early as today, while both...[Read More]

Facebook acquiring Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has announced that they will be acquiring photo-sharing service Instagram for the not-too-shabby sum of $1 billion. The announcement came via a post on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Timeline, which stated that he was “excited” that Instagram’s employees would be joining the Facebook team. “For years, we’ve focused on building the best experience for sh...[Read More]

Twitter “shutting down spammers”

Twitter yesterday filed a lawsuit against five of what the company calls “the most aggressive tool providers and spammers”, according to a Twitter blog post dated 5 April. The company hopes that by taking on the tool providers they will be able to reduce the resources that spammers have at their disposal as well as deter other potential spammers from getting started. The defendants nam...[Read More]

Samsung takes aim at ad market

Samsung is planning on venturing into the world of mobile ads by adding a mobile advertising exchange platform to their AdHub internal targeted advertising initiatives. Samsung’s ad exchange will supposedly provide advertisers the opportunity to easily place targeted adverts inside apps on Samsung devices via Samsung itself or by purchasing ad space from app developers. OpenX Technologies In...[Read More]

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