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Google, Motorola to give Android data to Apple

Google and Motorola Mobility Holdings have been ordered to hand a hefty chunk of data over to Apple in a recent court judgement, including data pertaining to Android as well as information regarding Google’s $12.5 billion pending purchase of Motorola Mobility. Judge Richard A. Posner ruled that Google and Motorola Mobility had to turn over information regarding the development of the Android...[Read More]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview nets 1 million downloads

The recently launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview has topped 1 million downloads within the space of a day. Microsoft tweeted the news shortly after the milestone was reached. “One day later…one million downloads of the consumer preview” The preview was released on the same day that Microsoft demonstrated Windows 8 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Interest in the upcomin...[Read More]

25 billion downloads for Apple’s Apps Store

An Apple announcement this weekend has revealed that their App Store has just edged over the 25 billion download mark. It took the mobile company almost four years to hit the 10 billion download milestone, reached in January last year, but a little over a year to more than double that number. Apple has placed a message on their website thanking users for assisting them in attaining this point. At ...[Read More]

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