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FTC gives Facebook’s Instagram acquisition the all-clear

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has given Facebook the go-ahead to complete the company’s acquisition of Instagram. This follows clearance being given by  the U.K. Office of Fair Trading a little over a week ago. A spokesman for the FTC said during the announcement that Facebook has no antitrust reviews pending before the organisation. The decision to approve the transaction was take...[Read More]

Facebook’s stock falls to half of IPO value

Earlier this week Facebook’s value slid below half of that of the company initial public offering, cutting Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune in half in the process. On Monday Facebook dipped to its lowest price since the almost-botched IPO, which set shares at $18.75 each. The latest drop in the company’s value comes thanks to the ending of a lock-up period which allowed some of the comp...[Read More]

Apple officially the most valuable public company ever

Apple has officially become the most valuable public company ever thanks to last week’s valuation of the company, which put it past the $600 billion mark, and an increase in the company’s stock yesterday that put the company at over $623 billion. Apple’s shares yesterday were trading at a high of $664.74, putting the company’s value beyond Microsoft’s peak of $616.3 b...[Read More]

Apple, Samsung CEOs to talk today regarding ongoing patent suit – report

According to a Bloomberg report, which which cites a person “familiar with the matter”, Samsung’s CEO will be contacting Apple’s head in order to try and find some resolution to the ongoing case which has seen both companies accusing the other of infringing on several patents. Samsung’s Kwon Oh Hyun is said to be having a telephone conversation with Apple’s Tim ...[Read More]

Acer not expecting spectacular performance from Windows 8

Acer is not expecting much of a performance from Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, citing a lack of excitement on the part of consumers for revising their opinion of the launch of the OS. Acer CEO J.T. Wang said in an earnings call today that “We are still waiting for the signal of the consumers’ enthusiasm”, saying that the company expects “medium grow...[Read More]

Twitter plans on restricting API access for unapproved apps

Twitter has got some changes on the horizon and they are not going to make developers happy. The company will, “deliver a consistent Twitter experience”, be restricting how the Twitter API is used. With the release of the 1.1 version of the Twitter API, external applications will require approval, every request to the API will have to be authenticated, they will be introducing per-endp...[Read More]

Virgin Mobile South Africa names new CEO

Virgin Mobile South Africa announced today the appointment of a new CEO, Jonathan Marchbank. Marchbank was previously in charge of the Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa Group in Asia and, prior to that, was COO of Virgin Mobile USA. He has also held the post of CEO of Virgin Mobile in Australia and Asia. Peter Langkilde, Chairman, Virgin Mobile, Middle East and Africa, said “As the first ...[Read More]

Apple calls proposed DoJ e-book settlement “fundamentally unfair”

Apple has said in a legal memo that the US Department of Justice’s proposed settlement terms for three publishers in the ongoing ebook pricing suit brought by the DoJ are “fundamentally unfair, unlawful, and unprecedented.” The legal memo, which was filed with a New York court, will alter the terms of Apple’s contracts with the three publishers named. Hachette Book Group, H...[Read More]

Further talk of licensing BlackBerry 10 from RIM CEO

Bloomberg reports that Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins has said that the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is still in development at RIM, will soon be ready to license to other hardware manufacturers. Heins however has not confirmed whether this will actually take place. BlackBerry 10 is based off of QNX, which has found applications in numerous places including the automotive and milit...[Read More]

Google being investigated by India’s Competition Commission over alleged anti-competitive practises

Google is being investigated for alleged anti-competitive practises in India by the country’s Competition Commission (CCI) which deals with antitrust matters. This follows complaints from a consumer watchdog group, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) International. Associate director at CUTS Udai Singh Mehta said today that the watchdog approached the CCI in investigate potential misus...[Read More]

Judge throws out three handsets from Apple-Samsung case

Samsung has seen a minor victory in the ongoing infringement case between the Korean company and Apple after the presiding judge threw out three of the handsets named in the suit. Samsung’s Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S i9000, and Galaxy S II i9100 were removed from the legal action because they “…weren’t sold by Samsung’s telecommunications and electronics divisions in the US...[Read More]

Electronic Arts – Digital game sales will outstrip retail copies in 2 or 3 years

Video game publisher Electronic Arts expects that digital sales of its titles will overtake sales of retailed boxed games within the next two or three years. Reuters reports that the company’s COO Peter Moore has made the claim in a recent interview. Moore said “There will come a point, whether it is two or three years from now, when we say. ‘We are doing more in digital media no...[Read More]

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