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Light Start: Reverse wireless iPhones, Mr Stark is back, an iOS 13 exploit and no more BMW i3s

This week in light start: The new iPhones have a secret, Iron Man may return to the MCU in Phase 4, iOS 13 has a security bug and the plug pulled on i3.

Have you heard? The hazards of voice assistants

Voice assistants are recording everything said by their owners, some of which – including sex and medical records – are being heard by humans for quality control.

Digital technologies are transforming African businesses, but obstacles remain

Digital technology has created new opportunities for businesses in sub-Saharan Africa to compete on a more equal footing. However, these businesses have yet to enjoy the full benefits because of a difficult operating environment.

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro won’t launch with Google apps, but there may be a workaround

The Huawei Mate 30 series, that will be announced next week (19 Sept) cannot ship with any Google apps. But there may be a solution.

Cloud computing could be key to speeding up Africa’s development

Cloud computing – the delivery of sophisticated information technology capabilities over the internet – could play a crucial role in both innovation and efficiency.

Light Start: Apple Music on web, the PlayStation ‘X’ button, BMW recalls EVs and Marvel Phase 4s logos surface

This week in light start - Apple Music is now on the web, it's the PS cross button, BMW recalls some EVs and Marvels Phase 4 looks dope.

Finance minister Tito Mboweni shows that territorial infighting is still dominating government while the economy burns

South Africans can be forgiven for being confused by the release, and subsequent condemnation, of a broad-ranging policy document this week.

Stuff magazine appoints Brett Venter as editor

Brett Venter is the new editor of Stuff magazine, South Africa’s premier consumer technology publication.

Apple iPhones could have been hacked for years – here’s what to do about it

For many years, the Apple iPhone has been considered one of the most secure smart phones available. But despite this reputation, security issues that might affect millions of users came to light last week, when researchers at Google revealed they had discovered websites that can infect iPhones, iPads, and iPods with dangerous software.

Virtual fences and cattle: how new tech could allow effective, sustainable land sharing

New technologies could enable a fairer distribution of resources to help cattle farmers adapt to these challenges. Virtual fencing is an example of this and could allow a system of land sharing that delivers sustainability and productivity.

I’m in a banned: Huawei’s Mate 30 can’t be sold with Google apps and services – Google

Huawei’s fate has been up in the air for quite some time, and there’s no sign that it’ll be touching the ground any time soon. The last deadline came and went, being replaced with another 90-day period of uncertainty. Now it looks as though we might be in for some consequences. Huawei is set to reveal its Mate 30 flagship in Germany in September but, as matters stand now, it̵...[Read More]

How to have an all-renewable electric grid

There is debate, though, about whether fully renewable electricity systems are feasible and how quickly the transition can be made. Here it's argued that feasibility is clear, so only the transition question is relevant.

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