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Killer robots already exist, and they’ve been here a very long time

Humans will always make the final decision on whether armed robots can shoot, according to a statement by the US Department of Defense. Their clarification comes amid fears about a new advanced targeting system, known as ATLAS, that will use artificial intelligence in combat vehicles to target and execute threats. While the public may feel uneasy about so-called “killer robots”, the concept is not...[Read More]

More than just phones: here are Huawei’s smartwatch, earphones and smart glasses

Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei, announced its P30 lineup this week and decided to surprise us with a few more products to look forward to.

In an AI era, lessons from dinosaurs help us adapt to the future of work

Emotion AI works on teaching robots how to feel empathy. Google AI stories are about how AI is helping people solve problems. Experts race to predict how we will be living with AI in the near future.

Cell C rolls out Wi-Fi hotspots at UWC with the help of Facebook

The mobile and internet-provider, Cell C ,has partnered with Facebook to launch public access Wi-Fi hotspots at the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

Facebook CEO’s missive on privacy disturbs as it tries to take over messaging too

If ever Alanis Morrissette wanted a definition of "ironic" it was Mark Zuckerberg's use last week of the word "privacy". He says bizarre things like Robert Mugabe used to, oblivious to the reality on the ground, and how absurd his utterance sound.

Facebook is beefing up its security in South Africa ahead of elections

One of the most unexpected presidential elections in history (that one experienced by the US in 2016) could have been influenced by Facebook and targeted ads by Russian bots. People do go on about it and Facebook has said that it’s very, very sorry. Facebook also really doesn’t want a similar catastrophe to take place in South Africa in 2019’s elections. To improve transparency and combat th...[Read More]

YouTube Music Premium has landed in South Africa and it’s free for three months

Google's streaming music service, YouTube Music, has arrived in South Africa and offers free and paid tiers.

Cape Town Comic Con unofficially announced for 2020 (Update: Confirmed)

This weekend, Comic Con Cape Town was announced, quite unofficially. But if rumours turn out to be true, we'll see Cape Town's first Comic Con in 2020.

MWC 2019: From Smartphones to Intelligent Connectivity

For a tech conference hailed as the biggest event in the mobile world, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been somewhat unsuccessful at producing as many wow moments as we would have liked to see over the last few years. What used to be arguably the year’s most exciting showcase of new devices (outside of Apple launches) has turned into a parade of new ‘flagship’ devices that all offer essentiall...[Read More]

Sasfin partners with Hellopaisa to offer low-cost digital banking

Sasfin bank has partnered with fintech business Hellopaisa to launch a new, low-cost banking offering for low-income earners.

Lego announces its own foldable device with an ‘infinite’ battery

Lego unveiled its new Pop-Up Book set, dubbed Lego Fold which takes a stab at Samsung's marketing for the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

USB 4 is coming, meaning you’ll be able to transfer more, faster

As if having USB 3.2 show up and confuse people with its lack of branding consistency (USB 3.2 Gen 1 vs USB 3.2 Gen 2 vs USB 3.2 Gen 2x2? Seriously?) wasn't enough, now we've got USB 4.0 to worry about. We don't really have to worry just yet, but we're kinda wishing we did

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