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African-superhero cartoon, Mama K’s Team 4, coming to Netflix

There's a new Netflix Original animation incoming called Mama K’s Team 4, produced by South Africa’s award-winning Triggerfish Animation Studios.

Scientists 3D print first man-made heart

A group of researchers successfully printed the first ever 3D-constructed human heart that uses cells and biological materials from a patient.

Faster, more accurate diagnoses: Healthcare applications of AI research

In our lab at the University of Saskatchewan we are doing interesting deep learning research related to healthcare applications — and as a professor of electrical and computer engineering, I lead the research team. When it comes to health care, using AI or machine learning to make diagnoses is new, and there has been exciting and promising progress.

Stratolaunch, the world’s largest plane, completes its first flight

So… what if we take the launchpad closer to the actual orbit? That’s what the guys over at Stratolaunch is trying to accomplish by building (and flying) the biggest aeroplane in the world.

A user’s guide to self-driving cars

A controversy had Tesla at the centre of the debate in 2016, when it announced it would release self-driving capabilities over-the-air to their vehicles. Similar to what happened with Mercedes-Benz, the company was criticized for misleading advertising and “overstating the autonomy of its vehicles.”

The new eSIM card is a boon to consumers and a possible threat to mobile networks

But a new upgrade to the SIM card means life can even simpler.  Called an electronic SIM or eSIM, it is a way of linking your phone, using software, to a SIM (usually in a server rack at the service provider). The new iPhone Xs, which I am using, has an eSIM built in.

Sonos teams up with Ikea to create quirky furniture speakers

Sonos and Ikea have revealed a new range of speakers called Symfonisk that masquerades as a bookshelf, as well as a lamp.

Amazon will fill low earth orbit with Wi-Fi-beaming satellites

First SpaceX, and now Amazon plans to send 3,236 satellites into low earth orbit in a bid to beam internet to humans on the ground.

Avengers: Endgame obliterates ticket sales and cinema websites in SA

So, South Africans are super keen on Avengers: Endgame, because the title has obliterated first-day ticket sales in South Africa, in history.

Light pollution: the dark side of keeping the lights on

Light pollution is the excessive and obtrusive light produced by humans at night. This light is from artificial sources, mainly electricity from houses, offices, streetlamps, billboards or car headlights...

Zuckerberg’s ‘new rules’ for the internet must move from words to actions

After years of rejecting calls for increased regulatory oversight of Facebook, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has now called for more cooperation with government in dealing with problems posed by internet platforms and emergent internet technologies.

Apple remarkably announced new devices as a warm up to a hype-filled launch of new services

This week Apple announced its much-anticipated news service, as well as a streaming service to rival Netflix, a games arcade and a credit card. Instead of the usual hype around physical product launches, Apple casually announced a new iMac, two new iPads and new AirPods as a warm up to Monday's hype-filled launch of these new services. That alone is remarkable.

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