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Bill and Hillary Clinton give stark assessment of the internet and its problems

Although the internet has enabled an “amazing advance” for humanity, it has “real problems” with social networks, the addictive nature of smart devices and the loss of our personal privacy, says Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was an unusual scene: a former US president and former first lady, the two […]

Discovery Bank is coming in March 2019, here’s what you need to know

Are you a Discovery Vitality member? Do you have medical aid or insurance through Discovery, or one of its credit cards? Do you like gamification? Have you had enough of these questions? If you answered yes to any of these questions (except, perhaps, the last one), Discovery is hoping it’ll […]

Singles Day shows China’s global retail power

Nov. 11, or 11/11, has been celebrated as Singles Day – a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day for single people – since 1993. Chosen because its date has four ones in a row, the holiday originated in China and has become the largest shopping day of the year, in both online and offline […]

Something in the air: Vodacom, Telkom sign LTE roaming agreement

The fine folks who use FNB’s FNB Connect cellular service are getting their coverage expanded thanks to a new agreement between MTN and Cell C, now Telkom Mobile customers will see a similar change headed their way. Vodacom and Telkom have just signed a new LTE roaming agreement that will […]

Bitcoin’s high energy consumption is a concern – but it may be a price worth paying

Bitcoin recently turned ten years old. In that time, it has proved revolutionary because it ignores the need for modern money’s institutions to verify payments. Instead, Bitcoin relies on cryptographic techniques to prove identity and authenticity. However, the price to pay for all of this innovation is a high carbon footprint, […]

Flickr users will need to do a photograph spring clean, and soon

Yahoo-owned photo sharing service Flickr is implementing a few drastic changes to its service that would see users’ content disappear if they don’t act soon. Flickr has decided to reduce the cloud storage capacity for their free-tier users. What was once 1TB will be skimmed down to a mere 1000-picture capacity., with […]

Initiative Q is not the new Bitcoin, but here’s why the idea has value

Could free units of a new digital currency end up being worth thousands of dollars? Initiative Q, which is aggressively marketing itself on social media, wants you to think so. It urges you to sign up now, and get your friends to do so as well, to maximise the value […]

Listen to Elon Musk on making cars, Twitter, Mars, and why Tesla won’t make a scooter

It’s Friday afternoon (for the moment), you’re probably thinking about heading home for the weekend and work is the last thing on your mind. We’re not psychic but we can totally sympathise, which is why we’re going to give you something to do instead of your job. Elon Musk sat […]

Apple CEO precipitously warns that “data industrial complex” needs to be resisted

Perhaps because it was Apple CEO Tim Cook sounding the alarm, his admonishments that our personal data “is being weaponized against us with military efficiency” are all the more real. Cook, the long-time Apple insider who took over from Steve Jobs, shares his predecessor’s stance on privacy, which is a […]

Stuff’s five-minute guide to Apple’s iPad Pro event

Apple’s events are renowned for dragging on a bit. So, you didn’t have 90 minutes to spare on a Tuesday afternoon to take it all in or even about fifteen minutes to go into specifics? We get it, you’re a busy person with stuff to do. That’s where Stuff comes […]

The debate about whether an algorithm will replace your job is becoming more pertinent

Most of the conversations about artificial intelligence (AI) seem to be focussed on the potential job losses this new form of automation will result in. Some 800-million people could lose their jobs by 2030 according to the figures from a study by the McKinsey Global Institute last December, which also predicted AI […]

New Facebook Messenger introduces more ‘simplicity’

Although the Facebook Messenger app is a convenient spot to fire up deep convos with just about anyone on your friends list, it’s a bit… chaotic. With a total of nine tabs and fancy ‘features’ no one really wants, we see ourselves coming back to conventional messengers, like WhatsApp and […]

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