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This is DC Universe, the super-streaming service

We would be lying if we told you we haven’t thought about a Marvel/DC crossover streaming service recently: The two universes finally putting their differences aside to provide entertainment for the good of man-(and streaming-)kind — not probable, though not completely outside of the realm of possibility either. And we’re already part of the way there.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2018 DC C...[Read More]

Instagram testing a feature that lets users remove followers

Collecting followers on Instagram has become a lot like collecting stickers in primary school in the 90’s, except now everyone can see your progress. The other big difference is that a high enough follower count could mean social acceptance, humanitarian reach, or even the possibility of being sponsored. Nobody ever offered a 90’s kid a sticker sponsorship.  Sometimes, though, you’d like to ...[Read More]

How quantum computers could steal your bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have recently captured the public’s imagination because they offer an exciting alternative to traditional monetary systems. Bitcoin transactions are essentially a series of puzzles stored in public on the blockchain. The puzzles used to protect bitcoin are so complex that current computer technology isn’t powerful enough to crack them. But quantum computers could crac...[Read More]

Skype update brings us HD video and mentions, with call recording coming soon

After nearly 15 years in the video-calling business, Skype has rolled out an update that’s long overdue — and it includes call/video recording and end-to-end encryption. Skype’s update is available on all desktop devices, including Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s called Skype v8.0 and is reportedly the only version that will work after the first of September. Tell your friends, video c...[Read More]

Three ‘living labs’ which show how autonomous robots are changing cities

Ready or not, autonomous robots are leaving laboratories to be tested in real-world contexts. With more and more people living in cities, these technologies offer ways to cope with ageing populations and poorly maintained infrastructures, while promoting safer transport, productive manufacturing and secure energy supplies. Urban “living labs” are one way scientists are trying to understand how aut...[Read More]

Audi and Huawei are teaming up to develop Intelligent Connected Vehicles

In order to have smarter cars we’re going to have to connect them to the internet, to each other, and other things on the side of the road. Audi seems to understand that and they’re bringing in Huawei to help them to connect their vehicles. The two companies have announced a partnership that will see them developing so-called “Intelligent Connected Vehicles” together. These...[Read More]

Apple rumour roundup: New iPhones, iPad Pros, and a Mac Mini expected

We’re expecting at least a few upgraded and/or new hardware products to launch later this year from Apple, which will include three new iPhones, two new iPads and a whole lineup of new Macs. Ming-Chi Kuo, trusted Apple commentator and KGI analyst, published a research note with his predictions for Apple’s fall (or US autumn, spring here, of course) 2018 hardware lineup, that was also publish...[Read More]

DStv (only) Now testing 4K streaming

Streaming has become the new norm in this age of on-demand entertainment… at least for those of us with blistering-fast internet. And DStv is slowly catching up with the competition by testing 4K capabilities on their streaming platform, DStv Now. The ability to stream content in 4K would be a welcome one but ‘DStv Now and chill’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it… “We’...[Read More]

Choose your airplane seat in VR with Emirates

Do you prefer the aisle seat for an easy escape route and access to the loo in case of emergency, or the window seat to trick yourself into thinking there’s some fresh air because the middle-seat neighbour just doesn’t understand personal space? The choice just got a lot easier with Emirates’ new 3D/VR booking system. The airline introduced 3D seat models on their website, which can be viewed usin...[Read More]

FutureProtect wants to protect you from identity theft

Identity theft isn’t something most people worry about… until it happens to them. We all should be thinking about it a little more, lest we get saddled with debts that don’t belong to us, or find ourselves married to a stranger. ThisIsMe is an identity verification service based in South Africa that keeps your data in a digital ‘vault’ and helps you prove to other parties that you are ...[Read More]

The resignation of Intel’s chief over a moral infraction is an astounding act of ethics

A quite remarkable thing happened in the tech world last week, that would be even more astounding if it occurred to South African politicians and business people to do the same. Brian Krzanich, the chief executive of Intel, resigned last week after the semiconductor chip maker’s board found he “had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee”. It’s an entirely unexpected end to an otherw...[Read More]

Apple rumoured to be working on a bundled service of video, music and magazines

Apple has been a busy little corporation, and is rumoured to be plotting sneaky acquisitions and service bundle schemes behind the scenes. The planned streaming service could bundle streaming video with a subscription to magazines, Apple Music, and iCloud storage. According to multiple sources, Apple wants to create a single subscription offering that would encompass its original TV shows, music s...[Read More]

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