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Sony ends speculation, announces PlayStation 4

Sony’s big reveal, which took place very early this morning, went exactly as expected with the company formally announcing and detailing the PlayStation 4 console.   Specs for the console have been revealed, as well as several features and improvements to the gaming unit. There are also one or two things that fans of the current generation are not going to be too pleased with, however. ...[Read More]

In-app purchases by mobile gamers to reach $3 billion by 2016

A new study from Juniper Research estimates that mobile gaming, specifically tablet-based games that are based around the freemium model, will see users shelling out more than $3 billion in in-app purchases by 2016. Smartphones, however, will see over double that amount spent on in-app purchases at the same time.   This will come about because of the increasing acceptance of the freemium mode...[Read More]

Image of Sony’s next-gen controller prototype, dev unit leaks

Sony appears to have sprung a leak somewhere along the line with the publication very recently of an image that shows the company’s next-generation developer unit as well as what may well be the PS4 controller.   Sony is widely expected to announce the PlayStation  4 at an event on 20 February so the image may just steal their thunder a little. The controller has been confirmed by devel...[Read More]

More next-gen Xbox rumours surface

Expectations of new hardware from both Sony and Microsoft are driving the console gaming rumour mill hard and fast. The latest report, from a generally credible source, has something new to say about Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console which is widely expected to be announced before the Electronic Entertain Expo in Los Angeles this year. Internet user SuperDAE, who has provided accurate...[Read More]

Zynga’s Farmville is getting its own TV show

Give social gaming company Zynga’s recent performance, which included reporting a loss for the last quarter, this can almost be filed under ‘What are they thinking?” The Wall Street Journal reports that Prison Break and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is creating a half-hour animated series based on Zynga property Farmville. Ratner said in a statement “Farmville is one of t...[Read More]

New Ouya console to be released yearly

The recent notification that American retailers are taking pre-orders for the Ouya Android-powered console and that pre-orders are expected to ship by June this year has broken the silence around the new gaming device. Now it seems that there is a lot more where that came from, with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman saying that there will be a new model of the console available on a yearly basis. Speaking to ...[Read More]

Next Xbox reported to require permanent internet connection

An old rumour has resurfaced in a new report, claiming that Microsoft’s next iteration of the Xbox console will require a permanent internet connection, seemingly to squash the second-hand game market. The report, from Edge Online, cites sources “with first-hand experience of Microsoft’s next generation console” as saying that the so-called Xbox 720 will require an internet conne...[Read More]

Kickstarted Ouya console available from June

It has been some time since word on the progress of the Ouya Android console was released, following the console’s incredibly fast Kickstarter funding. There is good news however, the project is definitely going to pan out. North Americans who declined to hit up Ouya’s website for a direct pre-order of the device will be able to order them directly from several retailers, including Ama...[Read More]

Sony teasing what could be PlayStation 4 unveiling

Sony is teasing, via a Twitter post and teaser website, “the future” of PlayStation. Just what this announcement, slated for 20 February, concerns isn’t known but there is widespread speculation that Sony will be announcing or unveiling the PlayStation 4 console on that date.The teaser video, shown below, certainly isn’t giving any hints away. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael...[Read More]

Disney closes Epic Mickey developer Junction Point

Junction Point, the development studio founded by Warren Spector in 2005, has just been closed by its current owner, Disney Interactive. The closure comes on the back of poor critical reception and sales for the studio’s second title Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. Disney issued a statement confirming the closure. “It was with much sadness that we informed our teams today of changes to ...[Read More]

THQ stripped down and sold at auction

Gaming publisher THQ has had its assets and properties split up and sold at auction following the company declaring bankruptcy last year. The sale marks the end of a publisher known to most gamers but also ensures that most of the properties and studios formerly owned by THQ will continue in some form or another. SEGA, which owns Total War developer Creative Assembly, purchased Relic Entertainment...[Read More]

Sony, Microsoft may announce new consoles ahead of E3 2013

Both Sony and Microsoft are rumoured to be preparing the announcement events for their next generation gaming consoles for a lot sooner than expected, with Sony perhaps taking the lead as far as far as release dates go. Video Gamer reports that the February issue of Game Informer magazine has said that “…both Sony and Microsoft are targeting special Apple-style press conferences to unv...[Read More]

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