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Angry Birds giving way to Bad Piggies on 27 September

Angry Birds creators Rovio Entertainment will be switching things around in one of the most downloaded mobile games in existence at the end of this month. Come 27 September Angry Birds fans will be able to play the other side of the story with Bad Piggies, “…with all new, never-before-seen gameplay – and not a slingshot in sight!” The new title will be launching for Android, iOS ...[Read More]

Toyota to export driving data to smartphone apps or the PlayStation

Toyota is planning on releasing a car capable of monitoring driving information, such as clutch, brake and accelerator pedal presses and gear changes and then exporting that data to either a smartphone app for analysis or to PlayStation game Gran Turismo in order to recreate a given drive. According to reports there is a single sports car slated for release in Japan with this functionality in 2013...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will be providing US election coverage

Microsoft’s plan to turn the Xbox console into something that isn’t just a gaming machine has taken another step with the company’s announcement that Xbox LIVE would be providing live, interactive election coverage for the States’ upcoming presidential election. Starting on 27 August Xbox LIVE users in the US will have access to a range of election content from several sour...[Read More]

Sony shutting down Studio Liverpool

It has been confirmed today that Sony will be shuttering one of its gaming studios based in the UK. Studio Liverpool, formerly known as Psygnosis, which is known for the WipeOut series of games will be closed in its entirety. Originally reports were only speculating on the closure but Sony has since confirmed that reports are accurate. A portion of Sony’s statement reads: “It has been ...[Read More]

Electronic Arts – Digital game sales will outstrip retail copies in 2 or 3 years

Video game publisher Electronic Arts expects that digital sales of its titles will overtake sales of retailed boxed games within the next two or three years. Reuters reports that the company’s COO Peter Moore has made the claim in a recent interview. Moore said “There will come a point, whether it is two or three years from now, when we say. ‘We are doing more in digital media no...[Read More]

Wikipad gaming tablet specs revealed

The Wikipad gaming tablet, a prototype of which was shown off by Wikipad at CES this year, is edging closer to being a reality. The Wikipad was previously slated to be a 10.1″ tablet with 3D gaming functionality via twin analogue sticks and conventional game-controller buttons but the specs have been revealed for the first of the upcoming models. The 10.1″ form factor remains but the 3...[Read More]

Kickstarter has a brand new (Android) console – Ouya – UPDATE

Update: The project is now fully funded, reaching over $2 million with another 28 days to go. The project was sitting on around $20,000 a little over 12 hours ago. Kickstarter has spawned all sorts of interesting projects but the latest is the previously-rumoured Ouya console, which intends to bring Android games to the living room. The console is being designed by Jambox designer Yves Behar and h...[Read More]

Nintendo to release 3DS XL in July, August

Nintendo have announced a larger version of their 3DS handheld console, surprising most who were expecting a Lite version of the 3DS to arrive first. The 3DS XL (3DS LL in Japan) will have feature two enlarged screens, increasing in size from 3.53″ to 4.88″ for the top display and from 3″ to 4.18″ for the lower touchscreen. The console is expected to become available in Jap...[Read More]

Xbox 720 roadmap apparently leaked

A 56-page document surfaced over the weekend that apparently outlines the roadmap for Microsoft’s new console, which the documents call the Xbox 720. Whether the information contained in the document is accurate is up for dispute without a confirmation from Microsoft but all that the company has done is requested that the document be removed from Scrib, where it was previously uploaded. The ...[Read More]

Kinect NUads coming later this year

Microsoft’s NUads (natural user-interface ads), which we mentioned last month, are set to become a reality later this year and will be launching for the Kinect some time around September (or fall, if you live Stateside). The first advertisers to make use of Microsoft’s interactive ad campaign will be Toyota, Axe deodorant (Unilever) and Samsung Mobile. Toyota will be grabbing the very ...[Read More]

Activision unveils mobile strategy

Call of Duty publisher Activision revealed in a recent interview that the company would be moving more aggressively into the mobile gaming sphere, starting with the establishment of a publishing division aimed at putting third-party mobile titles onto the market. Activision Blizzard’s vice president of Mobile Greg Canessa, speaking in an interview with AllThingsD, said that Activision would ...[Read More]

Xbox Smartglass bringing cross-platform media to consoles, mobile devices

Microsoft at this year’s E3 pre-conference media briefing unveiled SmartGlass, an Xbox-specific function that will be spilling over into tablets, Windows Phone devices and even Android gadgets. Microsoft envisions a way of offering multi-layered content using all of the devices that the average tech-head already owns. If you are playing a movie or TV show on a console, a connected mobile dev...[Read More]

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