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Activision unveils mobile strategy

Call of Duty publisher Activision revealed in a recent interview that the company would be moving more aggressively into the mobile gaming sphere, starting with the establishment of a publishing division aimed at putting third-party mobile titles onto the market. Activision Blizzard’s vice president of Mobile Greg Canessa, speaking in an interview with AllThingsD, said that Activision would ...[Read More]

Xbox Smartglass bringing cross-platform media to consoles, mobile devices

Microsoft at this year’s E3 pre-conference media briefing unveiled SmartGlass, an Xbox-specific function that will be spilling over into tablets, Windows Phone devices and even Android gadgets. Microsoft envisions a way of offering multi-layered content using all of the devices that the average tech-head already owns. If you are playing a movie or TV show on a console, a connected mobile dev...[Read More]

SA gaming industry now worth R1.7 billion

The global gaming industry is big and the South African market only makes up a small proportion of it but the local market is certainly growing. A recent statement from online retailer has put the value of South Africa’s gaming industry at R1.7 billion for 2011, a number that has been steadily increasing.’s category manager for games Ramone Pickover has said, ...[Read More]

Apple may be working on gaming hardware

Apple might have a video game controller in the works, according to tech website Anandtech. An Apple-created game controller is little more than a rumour at the moment, one which was sparked off by a comment made by Anandtech’s Anand Lal Shimpi in a review for Apple’s latest iPad. “I know of an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market, but whether or not it...[Read More]

Get Infinity Blade for $0.99

Chair Entertainment have made award-winning iOS game Infinity Blade available for $0.99 (or R7.60) in honour of April Fool’s Day. The offer itself isn’t a prank but it is for an unspecified limited time. Normally Infinity Blade, which launched in 2010 to general acclaim, costs $5.99. The latest free Content Pack for the title contains a preview of Infinity Blade 2, along with a list of...[Read More]

Sony launching PlayStation 3 photo suite

Sony plans on selling photo editing software for the PlayStation 3 this week as part of its cloud-based photo service launch. The software, called PlayMemories Studio, will allow console owners to manipulate both stills and video on their consoles. PlayMemories Studio will also allow editing of images stored on a PS3 using either a PSP and PlayStation Vita handheld console. The new software will e...[Read More]

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