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Retro games to get a brand new (all-in-one) console

Home console gaming has a rather varied history considering how young the pastime actually is and a company by the name of Hyperkin intends to take some gamers back to their roots will an upcoming console. The console, the RetroN 5, has just been announced and only exists as a concept image at the moment but it will eventually become a nostalgia machine capable of playing titles from the dawn of p...[Read More]

Electronic Arts’ John Riccitiello resigns as CEO

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has resigned from his position at the head of the game publisher, effective from 30 March. The reason given for his resignation, in a letter to EA chairman Larry Probst, is the the company seems likely to underperform in its “internal operating plan” and that “EA’s shareholders and employees expect better and I am accountable for the miss.R...[Read More]

Angry Birds downloads pass 1.7 billion, Rovio to distribute cartoon series in-game

Angry Birds, which hit 1 billion downloads last year May, has flung itself past another milestone by topping 1.7 billion downloads across the series. Developer Rovio announced the milestone when revealing that the upcoming cartoon series starring the various birds, as well as the little green pigs, would be distributed via the Angry Birds games as well as other channels. The animated series will b...[Read More]

Unofficial Steam Box console Piston heads to pre-order

The “unofficial” version of Valve’s Steam Box, a mini-PC called the Piston, is now available for pre-order. By the look of the pre-order page on manufacturer Xi3’s website initial pre-orders for the PC, which is designed to play Steam games on a TV in the same manner as a traditional home console (using the digital distribution platform’s Big Picture mode), will be li...[Read More]

Ubisoft confirms Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for release this year

Ubisoft has proved in the past that they are able to keep a secret but the contents of Assassin’s Creed IV slipped out a little early. The company has since made the reveal of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag official, detailing a little of what gamers can expect when the game launches at the close of October this year. Players will take on the role of pirate Assassin Edward Kenway, the...[Read More]

EA games will all include microtransactions in future

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen, speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, has said that EA’s upcoming console titles will all be making use of microtransactions in future. During a speech at the event he said “The next and much bigger piece [of the business] is microtransactions within games. We’re building into all of our games the ability t...[Read More]

Zynga to see more layoffs, office closures

Social gaming company Zynga, which has been struggling for some time now, has said that they will be closing down more offices and laying off a few more staff in an attempt at consolidating its real estate holdings. One of the company’s offices in New York, two in Texas and one in Baltimore are on the chopping block but not all of the staff have their positions endangered. Only the Baltimore...[Read More]

Sony ends speculation, announces PlayStation 4

Sony’s big reveal, which took place very early this morning, went exactly as expected with the company formally announcing and detailing the PlayStation 4 console.   Specs for the console have been revealed, as well as several features and improvements to the gaming unit. There are also one or two things that fans of the current generation are not going to be too pleased with, however. ...[Read More]

In-app purchases by mobile gamers to reach $3 billion by 2016

A new study from Juniper Research estimates that mobile gaming, specifically tablet-based games that are based around the freemium model, will see users shelling out more than $3 billion in in-app purchases by 2016. Smartphones, however, will see over double that amount spent on in-app purchases at the same time.   This will come about because of the increasing acceptance of the freemium mode...[Read More]

Image of Sony’s next-gen controller prototype, dev unit leaks

Sony appears to have sprung a leak somewhere along the line with the publication very recently of an image that shows the company’s next-generation developer unit as well as what may well be the PS4 controller.   Sony is widely expected to announce the PlayStation  4 at an event on 20 February so the image may just steal their thunder a little. The controller has been confirmed by devel...[Read More]

More next-gen Xbox rumours surface

Expectations of new hardware from both Sony and Microsoft are driving the console gaming rumour mill hard and fast. The latest report, from a generally credible source, has something new to say about Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console which is widely expected to be announced before the Electronic Entertain Expo in Los Angeles this year. Internet user SuperDAE, who has provided accurate...[Read More]

Zynga’s Farmville is getting its own TV show

Give social gaming company Zynga’s recent performance, which included reporting a loss for the last quarter, this can almost be filed under ‘What are they thinking?” The Wall Street Journal reports that Prison Break and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is creating a half-hour animated series based on Zynga property Farmville. Ratner said in a statement “Farmville is one of t...[Read More]

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