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Esports is the future of all sports – here’s why

The future of all sports is esports. That may sound like a bold statement but there is growing evidence to support it. Today’s spectators and participants expect to be digitally engaged while they watch. And the most effective way to deliver digital engagement is through “gamification” – the transformation of watching into playing.

Is this our first look at Sony’s PlayStation 5?

This may be our first proper look at the PlayStation 5 devkit, and it looks familiar, eh? Earlier this year we wrote about Sony’s sci-fi-looking patent for what could be a console.

Light Start – No more loot boxes in COD, Windows 7’s end of life, Samsung’s losing in China and some high-end hacking

This week in Light Start - no more loot boxes for Activision, Windows 7 will run out of time, Samsung losing its grip on China, and the ultimae hacker.

Fortnite starts a new Chapter with a new, wetter map

The mass panic is over -- because the beloved battle royale game, Fortnite, is back with a new map, updated mechanics and a whole lot of water.

Light Start: Fortnite has disappeared, Quake with RTX, take calls on your PC and iOS 13 bugs

Fortnite is gone, RTX is coming to classic games, you can now answer a call on your PC (if you dare), and you cannot answer calls on iOS 13.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is totally a thing, will land by end 2020

Well so much for the future of game consoles being all-streaming, all the time. Sony's officially confirmed the name of its next console and has also given us a release window. You can expect to play games on a PlayStation 5 from the "...holidays 2020". That's around November/December this end of the world, since we've got holidays all over the place. 

Locally made game Boet Fighter launches on PC today and we’re ready to klap it

Boet Fighter, the locally developed beat-em-up style fighting game is faanally available to download and play on Steam from today.

Sony PlayStation is killing off native Facebook sharing for the PS4

Are you the sort of gamer who only has gamer friends on Facebook? Do you regularly post images and achievements from your PlayStation? Does it confuse the few tech-impaired relatives who can't understand why you keep posting gorgeous photos of some chap named Nathan Drake? Yeah, that's coming to an end. Sony's officially ending Facebook integration for the PlayStation 4. 

How a Minecraft world has built a safe online playground for autistic kids

For autistic children, online social interactions can be just as fraught as those in the offline world. The community at Autcraft, which is built around a customised version of the popular game Minecraft, has set out to create a safe virtual playground.

Video games can bring older family members’ personal history back to life

It is one thing to learn about history in a classroom. But as any visitor to a living museum or historic site can tell you, a fantastic way to learn is to make a personal connection.

Find comics, games, tech and more at rAge this weekend

That's right, rAge 2019 is here and it's looking... well, you can see how it's looking in the image gallery below. It's looking expensive.

You can win a R15,000 gaming laptop this weekend at rAge with Dell

rAge is almost upon us, and we hope you’re ready for all the gaming flex South Africa has to offer. This year, Dell and Bravado Gaming are giving away a gaming laptop to one expo visitor.

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