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Nintendo’s Labo is bonkers in a delightfully Nintendo way

Just when you thought everything was completely normal, Nintendo has to come along and throw a fun-sized spanner into the works. The Japanese gaming giant has announced and detailed Nintendo Labo, a product we’re still not sure how to pronounce properly which looks like… an awful lot of fun, once you can wrap your head around it. Nintendo Labo is, basically, a whole mess of cardboard s...[Read More]

New Xbox Elite controller leaks, shows a few improvements

This week several images of Microsoft’s second-gen Xbox Elite Wireless controller leaked online and based on what was shown we could be seeing some impressive upgrades. The first Xbox Elite Wireless controller, introduced by Microsoft at E3 in 2015, featured four interchangeable paddles at the rear, hair trigger locks, remappable buttons, and completely swappable components. This has been the firs...[Read More]

The 5 biggest Nintendo Switch games announced in the latest Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Switch got off to a phenomenal start in 2017, selling 11 million units while shipping truly fantastic titles like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But what are we going to play on it in 2018? Nintendo had kept that point a bit of a question mark last year, choosing instead to focus on its current crop of games, but the legendary game-maker just unleashe...[Read More]

Apex Predator: Acer’s new gaming desktop wants to scramble to the top of the food chain

Acer’s Predator range has always been very good at one thing in particular: looking the part. The Predator series has always looked extremely aggressive but for once it might fully live up to its title — the newly-unveiled Acer Predator Orion 9000 is set to be a beast of a desktop PC. Even though the name sounds like it was drawn from a hat filled with badass military codenames, the Pr...[Read More]

Better screen, fewer wires: Valve and HTC introduce the Vive Pro

It was only very recently that the HTC Vive made it to South Africa (officially) and now we’ve got something else to look forward to. At CES this year HTC and Valve took the wraps off the second iteration of their already impressive VR headset, called the HTC Vive Pro. And it’s going to be going wireless. Eventually. Before it does, though, it’ll arrive in a more traditional form...[Read More]

Games Watch: the 5 best new games coming out in January 2018

Even during the slowest months of the year (January 2018, for example), you’ll find the release list stocked with literally hundreds of games across consoles, PC, and mobile. It’s madness. Given that, it can be easy to overlook some magnificent game releases amidst the stack, but worry not: we’re here to help. Games Watch points out the five biggest and brightest games on the imm...[Read More]

So you just got a… PlayStation 4 Pro

Just recently unwrapped an inviting rectangle with your name on it and found Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro within? Lucky you: that’s the best version of the best console around right now. But you already knew that. What you might not know is what to do next. Are you transferring your games and data over from the original PS4? Do you have a 4K TV and know how to properly configure the consol...[Read More]

So you just got a… Microsoft Xbox One X

The Xbox One X truly lived up to Microsoft’s boasts: it’s the most powerful console on the market today. But how do you make the most of this hulking beast of a games machine? It’s not that hard: you just need to set it up correctly, put some awesome-looking 4K/HDR games and media on it, and then maybe accessorise for extra measure. And we can help with all of that. If you found ...[Read More]

How Star Wars Battlefront could make ‘loot boxes’ the last Jedi of video games

When Star Wars fans bought the latest video game in the franchise, many hoped to immerse themselves in discovering events across the saga’s eras — perhaps particularly between the original film trilogy and the latest instalment, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Wars Battlefront II, the newest game, has sparked a heated debate among players, but not because of the storylines, fast-paced action, cutti...[Read More]

The 30 most anticipated games of 2018

Well, 2017 truly lived up to our expectations: it’s been one of the best years that gaming has ever seen. But we’re an optimistic bunch, and we think 2018 can be even better. It’s true! Why? Well for starters, developers are flocking to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo itself has been delivering knockout experiences. Meanwhile, both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be well-s...[Read More]

These are the games you can play for free on Xbox Live Gold in December 2017

Not to be outdone, Microsoft has given up their slate of free games being offered up for free to its Xbox Live Gold users for December 2017 – and that’s whether you’re an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One gamer, though you’re missing out if you’re still on the last gen. Even if you are, you’re grabbing Child of Eden, perhaps the best Kinect game ever made, and the weirdly...[Read More]

These are the games you can play for free on PlayStation Plus in December 2017

December means a lot of things to a lot of people but to a gamer it means time. Time to play the games you’ve bought and haven’t been able to start, time to complete the ones that you did, and time to sleep late because you were up all night playing. Sony’s PlayStation Plus service doesn’t make using that time any easier, though, as there are always at least a few titles th...[Read More]

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