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Join the Lenovo Legion while staying flexible

Laptops are getting thinner and the users are getting… less thin? The handy portables are even getting more flexible, like Lenovo’s Yoga-devices. What exactly does that say about its users? Just kidding… we are sure you are plenty flexible. Lenovo has been leading the way in flexible devices, or rather laptops that double as tablets, and according to Julian Pienaar, Product Technologist at Lenovo ...[Read More]

Get on the Fortnite bus – even if you don’t own a PC or console

Are you ready to build and shoot and build some more? From today you will be able to sign up to be in line for an invitation to the iOS Fortnite Battle Royale beta. Why would you want this invitation? Because Fortnite is changing the (literal) game of multiplayer dynamics. We have seen a massive surge in free-to-play online games like Paladins and Fortnite that are changing ideas around paying for...[Read More]

Paladins has released its own battle royale mode called Battlegrounds

After the hype around PUBG, many developers have followed the same trend of battle royale game modes going into 2018. Paladins, the free-to-play console game has released its own massive-online last-man-standing Paladins: Battlegrounds game mode with the latest update to the title. The OB66 update  is available today. At launch it’s in “alpha stage”, which really just means the c...[Read More]

You can now use party chat for Xbox on Android and iOS

Microsoft has launched party chat on their Xbox apps, which are available on Android and iOS, so now you can have a chat with your couch-potato friends while slaving away at work. The company started testing Xbox party chat in the Xbox mobile apps in December, and have now decided to officially launch the feature. It gives players (and not-at-the-moment players) the ability to voice chat with frie...[Read More]

The new Call of Duty will be Black Ops IV

As if there was ever any doubt: The Call of Duty series is getting another sibling and, as is customary, it’s anticipated to drop later in 2018. If we were to take a totally ‘random’ stab at guessing the launch date, we’d put it at 2 November 2018. Activision isn’t one to mess with (any of) a winning formula.  Rumours concerning this year’s CoD have turned up early an...[Read More]

PlayStation reveals New Dualshock 4 colours, launching 7 March

PlayStation has decided that your PS4 controller arsenal needs a (little) bit more colour and have announced two brand new varieties of our favourite controller. Don’t get too excited – it’s not like PlayStation are going to release a neon pink Dualshock soon but the company have decided that their loyal fans deserve a variety to choose from — something Xbox has been providing fo...[Read More]

These are the games you can play for free on PlayStation Plus this February

If you’re not keen on paying for Sony’s PlayStation Plus service — perhaps you’re still playing on the PS3 — perhaps the February 2018 lineup will convince you that you should be giving Sony a little extra money each year. Available from 6 February, Sony has a neat selection of titles for Plus subscribers, whether you’re a PlayStation 4 gamer, still plugging awa...[Read More]

There goes all productivity: Mario Kart is coming to smartphones

Nintendo really is going after this whole mobile gaming thing hard, having brought Mario, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem to the mobile stage already. Up next is the mighty Mario Kart — ruiner of friendships, breaker of controllers, shatterer of… smartphones? Mario Kart Tour is the name of the game and… that’s about it for what we know. Aside from a few other little items,...[Read More]

Games Watch: the 5 best new games coming out in February 2018

Another month, another rash of game releases. February 2018, like other short months in recent year, is set to be one of the slower months for the year but if you’re a gamer, you know that slower doesn’t mean that there’s a lack of quality about. We’ve collected our picks for the best new gaming titles to launch in February 2018. Whether you’re sporty and combative or...[Read More]

The new axe-wielding, bearded God of War arrives on 20 April

The last time we saw the perpetually angry Spartan Kratos he had slain (most of) the Greek pantheon and was mortally wounded — though he still managed to wander off, so perhaps “mortally” wounded is more appropriate. After that it was back in time for subsequent releases, but the main God of War story is back, and slated for a 20 April 2018 release. Kratos has left his home and f...[Read More]

Albion lives – Microsoft planning new Fable title

Yes, the rumours are true. Not even two years after Lionhead Studios closed, Microsoft have tasked the Playground group, the creators of the Forza Horizon games, with their next big task: to make a new Fable title. Don’t start kicking any chickens just yet, because Playground are still in the very early stages of production. So early that they cannot really comment on release dates or game d...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Labo is bonkers in a delightfully Nintendo way

Just when you thought everything was completely normal, Nintendo has to come along and throw a fun-sized spanner into the works. The Japanese gaming giant has announced and detailed Nintendo Labo, a product we’re still not sure how to pronounce properly which looks like… an awful lot of fun, once you can wrap your head around it. Nintendo Labo is, basically, a whole mess of cardboard s...[Read More]

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