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Afraid of mind control? Better not check out Elon Musk’s Neuralink

For a dude that fears the robot uprising, Elon Musk is sure trying awfully hard to merge human brains with robots. His new startup, Neuralink, wants to create a neural link between humans and machines using a ‘sewing machine-like’ robot that will be able to implant ‘threads’ deep inside a human brain. Eventually. They’ve only tested it on rats so far. Or so Elon says…  In simpler terms, Neur...[Read More]

Sony’s A7R Mark IV is a 61-megapixel full-frame mirrorless monster

Your next camera, should you be able to afford one? Sony's freshly-announced A7R IV, the newest star in the company's Alpha series show. The Japanese camera-maker announced the 61-megapixel (MP) full-frame mirrorless shooter, along with all its feature

Sing along to your favourite Disney tunes on Spotify (or listen to them in silence)

Spotify has released an extensive library of Disney songs, which includes the whole Star Wars score by John Williams, Marvel tunes and much more to geek out to.

An electronic chip that makes ‘memories’ is a step towards creating bionic brains

What better way to build smarter computer chips than to mimic nature’s most perfect computer – the human brain? Being able to store, delete and process information is crucial for computing, and the brain does this extremely efficiently.

Sony’s made the first noise-cancelling wireless earbuds and we’ve been ears-on with ’em

Sony's WF-1000XM3 wireless earphones are the first earbuds with active noise-cancelling, but can that make them as popular as their over-ear equivalent?

Lego’s going augmented reality with the launch of several ghostly Hidden Side sets

So that's why Lego came out with that Stranger Things-themed set that kept the Stuff team busy for two full days. There's a new range coming from the Danish makers of addictive bricks, called Hidden Side, which has an emphasis on ghosts. And other things that aren't actually there, commonly known at Stuff Towers as augmented reality (AR).

Gamers, start your browsers – Tickets for the rAge NAG LAN go on sale on 27 July

It's getting to be about that time again, when gamers cycle up for the largest computer LAN event in South Africa. We're talking, of course, about the rAge NAG LAN, which takes place alongside the rAge expo this September. The folks organising the event have unveiled some new branding, as well as the date that tickets for the NAG LAN go on sale -- 27 July. 

Your next drone accessory could well be a… flamethrower?

It’s perhaps a little disturbing how often Stuff has written about the humble flamethrower. Elon Musk’s Boring Flamethrower is an obvious one, while setting an HTC One M9 aflame is a more creative use of the flame-spewing… appliance? Appliance is probably the wrong word. Pity the video’s dead. We’ve even seen a drone toting a flamethrower before. And, now, you can own...[Read More]

How digital technologies can help Africa’s smallholder farmers

Digitisation refers to everything from delivering farming advice via text messaging to interactive voice response. It also includes smart phone applications that link farmers to multimedia advisory content, farm inputs, and buyers. And it covers the use of drones and satellite systems to inform farmer activities, such as crops and times to plant; and types and amounts of inputs to use.

Twitter launches its new desktop design, and we hate it

Twitter revealed its new look today, and the social network reckons it’s designed to conform with its mobile app design. And we're not convinced.

Qualcomm announces upgraded Snapdragon 855+ chip, and it’s perfect for mobile gaming

Qualcomm has decided to update its flagship mobile processor for 2019, now called the Snapdragon 855+, to handle even more process-intensive tasks. You know, like gaming, VR, AI and 5G

Plans for a smarter home? Start with Advantage Air’s Myplace Smart Home Starter pack

MyPlace, developed by Advantage Air, has recently launched a revolutionary Smart Home Starter Pack. The Myplace Smart Home Starter pack connects into the existing wiring of your house. It allows you the chance to tap into your home's technology and connect to your house in a fresh new way

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