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A brave new world of apps

ALL the little app called “Mirror” did was turn the green screen of the PalmV black, giving it enough reflectiveness to function as a mirror. It was 1999. here were many other clever “third-party apps”, as the computer industry called them at the time, but this very simple one demonstrated the innovative ware appearing on those small personal digital assistants. There were ...[Read More]

OBITUARY: The day I met Steve Jobs

“No, but I did touch his iPod,” I answered when someone asked if I shook Steve Jobs hand. It happened quite by chance. Jobs was addressing a small group of journalists at the Apple Expo in Paris in September 2005 a few weeks after he had launched the latest, thinnest iPod nano. The British journalist behind me was asking about it and Jobs nonchalantly threw it into the crowd. I was sit...[Read More]

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