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Knott-Craig in shining armour

“What are you going to do with [faster data on] LTE? You can’t speak any faster,” Alan Knott-Craig, the combative CEO of Cell C, told the AfricaCom conference in Cape Town last week, arguing for cheaper data costs. “We need to be talking not 5c a meg but 5c a gig,” he said, to applause. Though megabytes were once the most apt measurement of data usage, Knott-Craig arg...[Read More]

Teen dynamos reshape Africa

Standing on top of the windmill tower he built, holding onto the recycled bicycle parts, William Kamkwamba is one of greatest inventors in Africa. He shot to prominence in 2006 when he built a windmill in his home town of Masitala, in Malawi. Unable to finish school in 2002 because his family couldn’t afford the fees, Kamkwamba, then 15, discovered a book in his local library on electricity....[Read More]

Sinking with the Titanic Telkom

The most damage done to South Africa’s telecoms landscape was caused, it is generally agreed, by the protectionist policies of Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, whose nickname, “Poison Ivy”, was most apt. Until this week that is, when her successor as communications minister, Dina Pule, behaved with such inexplicable weirdness that it takes government meddling to a new nadir. At the Telkom ...[Read More]

Demo Africa a perfect launch pad

A cellphone game that teaches you about the dangers of malaria by swatting mosquitos from Nigeria . a mobile recruitment site for blue-collar workers in Ghana. A shopping portal that enables Kenyan craftswomen to sell their jewellery online . an Egyptian project that lets youngsters create their own TV content . South African technology that automates complex computer processes in the cloud. These...[Read More]

Microsoft strikes back

Microsoft is about to enter a new era this week with the release of the latest version of its Windows software. At stake is a lot more than just a new operating system for desktop computers. Microsoft has dominated the computer industry for three decades, its Windows running the overwhelming majority of computers – first desktops and then laptops. As they say in the Highlander film: There ca...[Read More]

Launch of new high-speed technology a big advance

By launching LTE, the latest development in faster cellphone networking, before most European countries, South Africa is ahead of the continent it generally follows. So what, you might ask. Faster cellphone networks are not much use, you might argue, when the costs of using them are still so high. But the shift to LTE, the buzz for long-term evolution, or 4G, represents a sea change of significant...[Read More]

A year without genius of Jobs

A year after the death of Steve Jobs, the enigmatic boss of Apple, that poster child of innovation continues to dominate the headlines. Is Apple a better company with or without Jobs? How does his successor, Tim Cook, compare? Is Apple going to run out of ideas when the projects Jobs was working on are completed? Jobs has been compared to Ford, Edison and Tesla – empire-building men who chan...[Read More]

Common sense ‘not available’

Logic – there is so little of it in the world today. For instance, Pat Lambie is the best flyhalf in South Africa and he languishes on the bench as a reserve fullback. Heyneke Meyer, who is trying to give me angina, clearly lacks an appreciation of logic. Of course, this is just a fancy way of writing about rugby in a business column – but if Peter Delmar can get away with it without b...[Read More]

Cult of the iPhone launch

Last Wednesday night millions of geeks sat huddled over laptop computer screens following the great spectacle that was the Apple iPhone launch. This year’s iPhone5 didn’t disappoint. The phone is on a par with the competition, had many of the rumoured features (like an aluminium back and a new port now called “Lightning”) and significant want-to-have factor to keep Apple...[Read More]

E-ink reading revolution here

Later this week will bring the culmination of the worst period of my year – iPhone season. Apple is expected on Wednesday to announce the launch of the keenly awaited, much-hyped, much-over-speculated-on iPhone 5. We’ve been through weeks of breathless speculation about the supposedly larger screen, the new 19-pin dock, the whatever. Apple, which invented the art of the magical revelat...[Read More]

Apple is gunning for Google

At the heart of Apple’s now successful patent court cases against Samsung is not just its desire to protect its iPhone business but a proxy war with Google. Apple has gone after Samsung more aggressively than any other user of the Android operating system that Google gives to smartphone makers free. More than a year and about 50 court cases around the world later, the patent war between Appl...[Read More]

Telkom is a Ponzi scheme

“Telkom”, as defined by the satirical Uncyclopedia website in 2006, “is the South African word for Satan, although this is a very loose translation since Telkom would kick Satan’s ass. Telkom is just the baddest, meanest, ugliest corporation in all the world. It makes Exxon, Apple, and George Doublya Bush look like Mother Teresa”. This pretty much sums up the feeling ...[Read More]

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