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Brain Pulse Music comes from Japan

Brain Pulse Music comes from Japan

If the Japanese aren’t creating devices to silence people harmlessly from a distance then they are working on new types of music that utilise brainwaves. Japanese artist Masaki Batoh has produced a music album, aimed at assisting victims of the earthquake in Japan, titled Brain Pulse Music.

The music on the album is created from the brainwaves of people who survived the March 2011 earthquake in Japan. Batoh had volunteers wear a sensor-mounted headset that connected to a modified EEG and showed them images of Japan. The modified EEG transmitted their brain’s patterns to another portion of the device which in turn converted the brain activity into sound.

Batoh has the brainwave music album on sale and is also taking pre-orders for the modified EEG, which he calls the Brain Pulse Music Machine.

Source: CNET

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