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Stefan van Staden

Online contributor for Stuff South Africa. Stef has moved on to a career in advertising and will be sorely missed.

Sony adds 3D Blu-ray support for the PS4

Owners of the PlayStation 4 should be happy to find out that Sony has added 3D Blu-ray support for their very successful next-gen console with the 1.75 software update that went live yesterday. Although it took some time for what feels like should have been an early addition, if not a launch feature, the support is a welcome addition to the PS4’s repertoire of features. The delay is probably...[Read More]

Stanford’s next-gen lithium batteries to last up to three times longer than normal ones

Smartphones are the must-haves in today’s tech-driven world, and although their significance cannot be overstated, a problem that consistently rears its ugly head is battery life. Which won’t be the case for much longer, if Stanford researchers have anything to say about it. The enterprising folks have developed a new lithium battery that, if they are correct, should completely outlast current li-...[Read More]

Ideum wants you to turn your Android phone into a gamepad

PC gamers often have to turn to gamepads for their forays into platforming, which can be a rather costly niche accessory considering that you might not use it very often. That’s where the folks from Ideum come in with their updated GestureWorks Gameplay virtual controller app, which now allows Android phone users to turn their smartphones into gamepad controllers. You can even customise a gamepad ...[Read More]

Apple to start the beta for OS X Yosemite today, and you can be a part of it

Apple users that have been looking forward to the latest iteration of OS X, namely OS X Yosemite, should be happy to hear that Apple will start handing out beta invites today to users to help test the operating system before its release. According to Engadget only a million users will get the invite, so if you’re interested you should probably sign up (link) as soon as you can. Think of it a...[Read More]

Apple reportedly ordering bigger screens – a lot of them too

Rumours of a larger iPhone issuing forth from Apple just won’t die, as yet another source is claiming that Cupertino is making a move to give the world a bigger iOS handset. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple users have something to look forward to when the iPhone 6 is announced, namely bigger screens. This move supposedly comes from Apple going toe-to-toe with the big Android smart...[Read More]

iOS 8 wants to help you use your iOS device better

The latest iOS 8 beta has has been released, and it looks like Apple wants to help their users optimise their iOS use. The beta version of iOS 8, which is only available to developers at the moment, comes with an app called Tips. The app will come with a variety of tips and hints aimed at making the iOS experience that much better for users, and is a rather surprising newcomer in the pre-installed...[Read More]

Arrival of the 12-inch Macbook Air with Retina display likely to be delayed to 2015

Bad news for those wanting to get their mitts on the highly anticipated 12-inch Macbook Air. According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the new Air was supposed to start hitting shelves in Q3 this year, but shortages in the supply chain have caused some production delays for the laptop. The Air will reportedly hit shelves much later this year at the earliest, or otherwise some time in 2015....[Read More]

See the iPhone 6’s sapphire screen take some more punishment

Last week we posted about Sapphire Glass, the rumoured screen component of the iPhone 6, and the great amounts of punishment the screen can supposedly take without damage. Now Youtube poster Marques Brownlee, who took the screen through its first round of punishment, has decided to put the screen through a second round, namely close encounters with sandpaper. More specifically, garnet and emery-ba...[Read More]

Say goodbye to Nokia’s Android phones

Yesterday, Satya Nadella, the newly-appointed CEO of Microsoft, announced that the tech giant will no longer be going forward with Nokia’s Android phones. There have been some attempts, or variations on the idea of an Nokia Android smartphone in the past, namely the Nokia X, but it seems that the most recently announced device probably won’t see the light of day. The plan from here on forwar...[Read More]

See Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner do some manoeuvres that are sure to wake you up

Boeing’s Dreamliner, for those who don’t know, is an aircraft that might not be the biggest or fastest plane out there, but it is 20% more fuel efficient, which is a very important improvement when you’re an airliner company and jet fuel is your biggest expenditure. The original Dreamliner has been out and about in the world, and the latest model 787-9 plane has been taken throug...[Read More]

Take a look at the best photos of 2014 that were taken by drones

If you didn’t know, the folks at dronestagram (yes that’s a thing) held a photography competition for the best drone-taken picture. The competition was sponsored by, amongst others, National Geographic and Parrot, and was aimed at highlighting the potential of drones in terms of imagery, which is exactly what the winning pics show. Some of the best photos of the competition include som...[Read More]

Jaguar Land Rover creates concept that should beam driving data directly to your windshield

Land Rover has made moves towards “Smart Glass” windshields in the past, and now it seems that the concept is getting some more attention. Their Virtual Windscreen concept is able to project hazard, speed and navigation graphics on the windshield, which translates into giving the driver a racing line and braking guidance. The Virtual Windscreen can also show simulated cars or cones for...[Read More]

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