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Michelle Flowers

Michelle is Stuff's new Media Intern. She has no idea what that means and may have thought coffee was involved. She was wrong.

Netflix considering implementing offline viewing – for some markets, at least

Local streaming provider Showmax already does it and now there’s a chance that streaming juggernaut Netflix may make it a reality too. The service is considering making offline viewing a thing but they’re only planning on doing it in certain markets. America, usually the first in line for new features, isn’t one of these locations. We, on the other hand, might be. This isn’...[Read More]

GoPro hopes their Karma drone will bring them good fortune

It’s been a long time coming, and there have been some stalls along the way, but GoPro has finally revealed their own branded drone. Introducing Karma: a foldable quadcopter that fits perfectly into its little backpack, ready to be flown wherever you may go. Why did GoPro do this? Well, other consumer drones on the market have been making extensive use of the company’s action cameras. ...[Read More]

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