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Apple announces best iOS apps of 2018

Apple announces best iOS apps of 2018

Apps are a human’s best friend, and we’ve reached the part of the year when everyone decides which apps reign over the others. In Apple World that’s a big ask. iOS has consistently delivered some of the best apps we’ve ever seen. So when Apple throws out an award it’s for what is literally the best of the best.

There were some surprises for the mobile iOS games of the year — we were expecting a different result, because mobile battle royale games made a lot of noise in 2018.

Concerning categories, Apple focused specifically on innovative apps and productivity apps, because digital wellbeing played such a large part in their marketing for 2018. “Innovative apps like Fabulous, Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace expanded the practice of wellness around the world to make self-care more accessible than ever before,” the company said in a blog post. Self-care is a good thing, in case you weren’t aware. And now, on to Apple’s winners. 

Apple’s Best Apps of the Year


Source: Apple Newsroom

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