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Acer to push Android over Windows Phone in 2013

Acer to push Android over Windows Phone in 2013

A report from DigiTimes claims that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer will be releasing six new phones in 2013, with an emphasis on Android devices. Acer is hoping to boost its profile in the smartphone market with both high-end and entry-level devices planned.

Only one of the six is slated for a Windows Phone 8 OS,which isn’t unusual given the company’s track record with handsets in the past. But taken with Acer’s dislike for Microsoft’s upcoming tablet and OS, this could bode poorly for support for WP 8, particularly from Acer’s end. Acer will reportedly only be launching the Windows Phone 8 handset late in 2013.

DigitalTrends reports that, aside from the eventual release of a WP 8 device from Acer, Samsung is the only company to have announced a (solitary) Windows Phone 8 product. Microsoft will be looking to Nokia and possibly HTC to bolster the lineup of launch devices for WP 8. Failing that, the rollout of the newest mobile OS from Redmond will be a little underwhelming.

Source: Digitimes via DigitalTrends

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