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Meet the S9300: A mighty eye-catching 65″ Skyworth OLED TV

OLED, an acronym you’ve probably heard before in reference to the highest-grade television sets on the market, has become important to home entertainment lovers. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, with “organic” referring to the carbon film inside the panel before that of the glass screen.

Unlike other TV enterprises which were sitting on the fence years ago, Skyworth has embraced OLED TV enthusiastically and taken the initiative in deploying OLED technology, creatively integrating resources which actively created conditions for volume production of the technology. In 2015, Skyworth took the lead in the global colour TV industry by achieving volume production of the S9300 4K OLED TV.

How It Works

OLED display technology uses self-luminescent material and adopts a very thin and flexible organic coating and glass substrate. Everyone knows that (or at least, they should). When electrical current passes through the display, these organic materials will emit light. An OLED TV is comprised of masses and masses of pixel points, where each pixel point can independently control its illumination. Long story short, when an OLED TV displays all black, it seems as though the whole TV has been turned off. When illuminated objects are displayed against a black background in the OLED TV, their contrasting details presents a wonderful black field effect. Like the one seen below.

Meet the S9300

The S9300 series adopts 4-colour 4K self-luminous objects as their display core, which has enhanced the OLED screen’s brightness. Other features include: all-gamut audio provided by JBL, a world top-class audio equipment maker; a narrow body (measuring just 5.21 mm); and a super-quick screen response time of less than 0.001ms, which is more than 8,000 times faster than that of a standard LED TV.

This revolutionary display outshines similar products in the market. The Skyworth S9300’s adoption of this cutting-edge self-luminous display technology has brought the organic OLED into consumer households worldwide.

Skyworth’s S9300 OLED TVs are set to be launched in South Africa from 21 April 2017 and will be available, via Takealot and other locations, in 65”.

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