Sony has changed its mind on free cross-gen upgrades for games


Sony is acting like that partner your friends tell you to avoid. It says one thing but then, once you’ve got your hopes up, goes back on it almost immediately saying it was a one-time thing and now you’re overreacting, stop being so emotional why are you always like this your mother was right, I can’t even.

The company initially laid out a rather complex plan to only allow the higher costing deluxe preorder packages the ability to upgrade from the PS4 version to the PS5. There was no way to own the game on both consoles with the standard edition. This was met with significant backlash and Sony did an about-turn very quickly.

“It’s abundantly clear that the offerings we confirmed in our preorder kickoff missed the mark,” said PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in a company blog post. So from that, we gather that it will now apply to the standard edition as well. But not for any other Sony games going forward.

No Sony, why u do this?

In an interview with The Washington Post last year, Ryan said Sony would, “have an upgrade path for PS4 users to get the PS5 versions for free. It’s about people having choice. I’m really quite pleased about the situation.” Well, now that’s changed a little. 

In the blog post, Ryan has now confirmed that going forward, “PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5)–both digital and physical–will offer a $10 (R140) USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5.” He specifically mentions the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7 games.

While paying more for games you already own leaves a weird taste in our mouths, at least now we’re all on the same page. That’s nice, at least. 


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