Monster Energy Supercross 4 players can see their tracks come to life


We know – the above headline isn’t exactly what you’d call crystal clear, but hey, we didn’t name developer Milestone’s game and if we had the headline would be several lines long. For a better sense of what’s being touted, here’s the full headline:

Milestone, developer of Monster Energy Supercross 4: The Official Video Game launches competition that allows players to bring their creation to life through Track Editor Mode.

Still slightly unclear isn’t it? Here’s the breakdown:

Monster Energy Supercross 4 Track Editor Competition

If you play Monster Energy Supercross 4 it follows you’re probably a big fan of SX and you may have, perhaps, dreamed of seeing a track that you created in the game replicated in real life in the Official Championship. Well, now’s your chance to make that dream a reality.

Between 14 April 2021, and June 14th, 2021, players can design a virtual track through the Track Editor mode present in Monster Energy Supercross 4. If your creation is selected as the winning track, it will be built in real life and included in next year’s Official Championship circuit. Admittedly, this sounds very cool indeed.

Imagine your favourite riders hurtling around a track on the TV that you could turn to your friends and say “I built that, you know!”

Naturally there are some terms and conditions for this competition – you can read them all here – and the one players should take the most note of is this one:

“By way of recognition of personal merit, the winning track will be physically built in January 2022 and will be used for one of the races in the 2022 supercross championship. It should be noted that the track will be completed subject to necessary adaptation and transformation, in order to render it technically buildable and in accordance with all applicable laws, including safety. Participants/Winners hereby accept and acknowledge that their design – where selected – may be adapted as above stated.

Under no circumstances whatsoever may any contestants who enter this contest by sending their projects, raise any claims, on any grounds and/or in any capacity, against the Promoter regarding participation in this contest and/or possible failure to have their proposal selected.”

So there you go, if you’re an SX fan, time to flex those creative muscles. You have the next couple of months to bring your creations to life.



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