The best headset/controller combo you can get for under R2,000


Although we’re used to trying out the best of the best in tech and gadgets, sometimes it’s the affordable options that make it all worthwhile. Being a gamer means you’ve got a whole range of smaller investments to make before you feel properly set up. That includes stuff like proper controllers, headsets, displays, consoles or pc components. And all of that can rack up quite the bill. 

But we’ve come across two more affordable options in the headphone and controller lines available in South Africa that make the process far more streamlined. A proper set of headphones can cost thousands, while a decent pro controller rarely costs less than a thousand bucks. 

Strings attached

First up, the Nacon Wired Compact Controller that retails for R700. Contrary to popular belief, going back to a wired controller not only increases versatility but brings about a sense of early 2000’s game sessions with siblings. 

The Nacon Wired Compact Controller is a 3rd-party PlayStation controller featuring a cable long enough to witness actual destruction from the opposite room. Not that we’d suggest that. It features a USB-A connector and can easily be used on a PS3, PS4 and even a PC. All of the standard buttons you’d find on the DualShock 4 is also here. It’s not that compact at all, however, sizing in a bit larger than a standard Dualshock. 

But it still makes for a comfy fit for any hand-size though and won’t run out of battery, which is a plus. Obviously, wired isn’t always ideal, but if you’re in the market for a controller for informal game sessions on the TV, this one’s ideal.  

A bird of prey

On to the headset. We’ve been testing the Stealth Wireless Nighthawk Headset for an extended amount of time, and it’s one of the best in this price range by far coming in at just R1,200. 

Gaming headphones don’t necessarily need to empty that banking app, the Stealth Wireless Nighthawk Headset boasts all the features we love about top-range headsets but comes in at a lower price. It’s clear that concessions were made — with the earcups not sitting over-ear properly and a few clunky wire issues. Other than that the drivers push out brilliant sound from games, music and voice chat, while they also feature a removable microphone boom (it comes in handy when you need to yell at noobs). 

Battery life is decent enough for even the longest of gaming sessions, coming in at around 10-hours for us on a charge. The best part? This set can be used on pretty much any platform your affinity lies with — from PC to PS4 and even Xbox. It’s better having the option to connect to just about anything when the need arises. 

Don’t spend that pretty penny

The abovementioned setup is perfect for anyone who’s just getting into gaming, moderate players or even pro’s. You don’t need much more than a Nighthawk and a decent Nacon controller to get great games in, whatever the platform may be. 

We’ve ended up using the Nacon Wired Controller for far more than just PS4 gaming. Connecting it to a PC is easier than you’d find it is to connect a DualShock. And the button layout easily syncs with Steam (or whatever your game client may be). It’s perfect for chill adventure games on the couch, that’s for sure. 

Same goes for the Nighthawk headset — its versatility is definitely its selling point, bar the price. We’ve connected it to Windows machines, notebooks, Macs, the PlayStation and even an Xbox without a hiccup. Sound quality is up there with pro headsets and mic capture is near perfect. It also looks pretty badass with the purple inlays and angular design. 

Honestly, there hasn’t been a more perfect duo in budget gaming than these two. Both are available to buy right now from local retailers, and will cost you less than R2,000.


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