All DStv customers and their family members will now get access to Joox Premium


Who doesn’t like a lekker tune, eh? DStv is trying to bolster its service in recent weeks, with the announcement that Netflix and Amazon Prime TV will be available on future decoders. Now it is giving all of its subscribers free access to Joox VIP, to stream local and international music. 

“This is just another way in which MultiChoice is working to ensure that our loyal and valued customers continue to enjoy the best entertainment during these difficult times,” says Mark Rayner, the CEO of MultiChoice South Africa.

Who gets in on the tunes

Generally, these types of perks are reserved for Premium subscribers, but this time DStv is opening up free Joox access to DStv Family, Access, EasyView and Indian subscribers. Each subscriber will have the ability to share their Joox VIP subscription with up to four family members. 

The Joox VIP subscription includes thousands of tracks from both international and local music talent. While the platform is working on more ‘Big Live’ events that’ll be hosted digitally. These concerts will be available to all Joox VIP subscribers, which in effect, are all of the above-mentioned DStv subscribers. 

“The promotion which will run for three months starting 10 June and ending on 10 September will allow JOOX users access to previous ‘Big LIVE’ appearances such as Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, and Afrikaans pop star, Demi Lee Moore,” the press release reads. 

DStv subscribers are lucky in that Joox is working on another ‘Big Live’ digital concert on the platform featuring one of SA’s biggest bands. On Sunday, 28th June at 6 pm Joox will feature a live performance by The Parlotones. Bet you’re ready to sign up now, huh?


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  1. Mr Mwenya Donald on

    How much is that explora and what about the old once? Why can’t u just upgrade the old once again! It’s like Multichoice DStv wants us to be buying decoder every three years please let’s just upgrade the old once I know u can do it we do not have money to buy the new explora hd

    • What are we supposed to do with the current decoder? Stop manufacturing and Updrade the current decorders.

  2. I got the new explora which is comparatively compact in size than the previous . My worry is that the new version decoders are limited in terms of space-size compared to the previous .
    This is a “back to backward” than advance tech .
    Secondly , dstv keeps disconnecting unpaid accounts on lockdowns .
    Please dstv can we be reasonable ?

  3. Netflix must come sooner than later. The movies on DStv is over and over nothing new and we pay so much monthly. Maybe existing customers can trade in their decoders for the new one. And sell the traded ones in to other customers.

  4. I think its very unfair for golf not to be made available to Compact subscribers. If you like football and golf, you are compelled to go Premium! Why not cast some golf for Compact viewer?

  5. I don’t believe anything Dstv has to say to us, last month they sent me an sms that I will continue viewing the channels they added to compact, I did boom they took the channels. I miss the old days when then kept their promises

  6. I don’t believe anything Dstv has to say to us, last month they sent me an sms that I will continue viewing the channels they added to compact all we needed to do was to pay on time, I did boom they took the channels. I miss the old days when then kept their promises

  7. It’s DSTV benefiting more by hiking premiums.Please consider that we are loyal clients and not change premiums to benefit on this.

  8. Well, there’s nothing good about this because dstv has been dishing out nothing new than repeating programs at exorbitant rates to Nigerian subscribers. Nothing is unique or good about what we view on Dstv, so if they now add Netflix and Amazon to their bouquets, then it’s another way for them to extort us, we are better off subscribing on Netflix and watch better and interesting movies with our internet. I think Dstv should air more new programs, shows and movies instead repeating same old shows and movies and think we are fools by saying “we got you” or “we are here for you” abeg we paid for it and you don’t “get us”. Provide worth for our money!!! Phew!

  9. Bring back the dual view technology in the new decorder.Dstv is loosing customers as they are expensive showing repeats hardly can watch all channels.They need to do better with decorders and stop introducing new ones every 3 years.

  10. The dual view dstv decorder was good for years for years with no hardware problems.Now we need 2 decorders in the homes and still pay for extraview.Why when I am paying and have a right to view and record channels.New decorders are limited and dont last long.Will be cancelling soon as I think its a waste of money watchibg the same thing.

  11. Joox is a useless music streaming service. Just targeted at one demographic if South Africa. I can never find any music worth listening om Joox. I allways fall back to Spotify.

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