First Impressions: The Dynabook Portégé A30


As a compact computer for when you just need to dash into work for a single meeting that could have definitely just been sent as an email, what kind if first impression does the Portégé A30 make upon firing it up?

I have a soft spot for notebook-like computers. They’re both adorable and practical as they bundle the convenience of a largish tablet with the broader functionality of a personal computer. When I’m heading out of the office for an event or meeting, the last thing I want is a huge laptop weighing down my back-pack. That’s the appeal of the Portégé A30 and after taking it out the box I can see why people would be interested in this little machine.

The first thing I noted was just how light the Portégé A30 is. Lifting it out of its cardboard prison I was shocked at how little it weighs. It’s a spiffy little device although I have to wonder how much sturdiness was sacrificed in creating the lightweight notebook. The body itself feels somewhat fragile, especially the keyboard which feels very flimsy around the centre of the device. Pressing one key feels like pushing down on a thin sheet of plastic as it bends under pressure. It’s not exactly appealing.

Yet the Portégé A30 hasn’t been designed with hardcore use in mind, appealing exclusively to the market that need something portable and vaguely powerful enough to work on. The fact that a notebook of this size comes stocked with and i5-8250U processor is impressive in itself, just don’t expect to be playing a sneaky game of World of Warcraft at the office because there is exactly nothing impressive in terms of a GPU. Which is fine, the Portégé A30 wasn’t built for such nerdy pleasures.

What I’m expecting out of this neat little contraption is a device with an extremely long-lasting battery that will be able to withstand the punishing task of holding several Google Chrome tabs open at once with minimal delay while also maintaining several open projects on Word and Excel, maybe sprinkle in a little Spotify into the mix. We’ll have a full review of the Dynabook Portégé A30 up early next week.


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