Double up or die: Apex Legends is getting a duos mode


Battle royales are generally better when you don’t have to lose a game alone. Apex Legends is mixing up its usual three-person squad formula next week with a limited-time Duos mode.

Apex developers, Respawn, tweeted earlier that the duo mode will become available next week on 5 November (that’s Tuesday if you were wondering. There’s currently no word on when it’ll leave the game again though — not too soon we hope. This’ll definitely shake up the conventional three-person dynamic, that may or may not have screwed you before. Y’know, by dropping your buddy and you into a game with a flaker.

The introduction of Duos mode follows other efforts by Respawn to shake up its free-to-play battle royale shooter. In August it introduced a solos mode for a limited time and in October we saw zombies. Yes, an actual zombie mode. Maybe Respawn’s testing the waters before real rollouts? 

Yesterday, EA revealed that it would be leaning heavily on Apex Legends next year, in order to fill the shooter-shaped void it has created. Considering Apex has surpassed 70-million players, and the developers are super committed to continue work on the game. 


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